Glenkinchie Distillery Exclusive Batch 01 Single Malt Lowland Scotch Whisky

A rare treat to try some of the amazing malt that goes into the Johnnie Walker blend, this Glenkinchie Distillery Exclusive Batch 01 will hopefully set a precedent for more batches to come.

Four Corners of Scotland

Owned by Diageo, Glenkinchie Distillery, one of only a few Lowland distilleries in Scotland, is part of what is known as the Four Corners of Scotland. This is a term created by the Johnnie Walker brand that highlights the four main malts used in their blend.

Other distilleries in the Four Corners include Caol Ila in Islay, Cardhu in Speyside and Clynelish in the Highlands. The whisky crafted in these distilleries is primarily made for the Johnnie Walker blend, although they each have independent bottlings as well.

Glenkinchie is particularly unique in that there are only a small number of other Lowland distilleries, making the region one of the least populated areas for whisky production. Inn saying that however, there are more popping up all the time and plenty of distilleries that are on the verge of opening in the Lowlands. The rising popularity of whisky has seen many smaller distilleries opening in the last decade or so, and more are being planned.

This expression, which is only available at the Glenkinchie Distillery, showcases the amazing flavours created there. Matured in American brandy barrels, it certainly has a unique taste.

Tasting notes for Glenkinchie Distillery Exclusive Batch 01 Single Malt Lowland Scotch Whisky

The nose begins with notes of fruit and oak wood. Oranges and dried fruits give it a lovely zest. Oak wood is sweet with hints of vanilla and treacle. There is a delicate warmth as well, bringing in notes of cloves.

The palate is rich and mellow. The fruitiness lasts and brings out orchard fruits, summer berries and citrus. There is a dash of dark mahogany that goes perfectly with dried fruits and the oak wood.

The finish lingers on fruitcake and spice.

This is an exquisite malt that shows exactly why Johnnie Walker is so popular if this quality of malt is going into every bottle.

Do you enjoy malts from Glenkinchie? Have you been able to try their Glenkinchie Distillery Exclusive Batch 01 Single Malt Lowland Scotch Whisky? Start the conversation in the comments!



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