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The final day of Feis Ile 2015 was of course Ardbeg Day and what a show they put on to celebrate their 200th anniversary.

The day had all kinds of activity going on including:

Checked out of the ship at early o’clock then chilled out at a cottage  whilst all devices finally got charged and I washed with soap.

What was next? Oh, the week’s main event. Ardbeg Day. This included insane Whiskies at £3 per dram, lots of strange ‘highland games’ (sheep flinging and peat tossing… Amongst others like peat fishing).

Then…. Some weird smoked fish that was the talk of the town – haddock smoked in Ardbeg casks. Was awesome.

John and I did a warehouse tasting that included two games we ignored and a generous measure of Ardbeg Galileo followed by…….a 43 YO Ardbeg seriously. I don’t often get ‘when Harry met Sally’ moments in the whisky industry but this was one of them.

A swift two or three Perpetuums, or is that Perpetuii later and we were rolling again, not to a boat but to a very kind friend’s house.

Then a whisky, I assume….

This was of course followed by a thoroughly enjoyable and totally impromptu SMWS tasting on a cottage between Bowmore and Port Ellen. Boat loads of fun.

After only one or two hours sleep whilst an insane storm took over the island before checking out of the house at 8am I am now relaxing, unwinding and thoroughly enjoying the post-festival island in all its glory, whisky and of course writing up my notes and thoughts from the last few crazy days!

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