The Famous Grouse 16 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky Review

The Famous Grouse hails from the Glenturret Distillery and was created in 1896 by Matthew Gloag.

Gloag had an eye for marketing and took the blend that his grandfather had crafted decades before and turned it into an international bestseller. This feat is set to be repeated should they keep making malts like the Famous Grouse 16 Year Old.

It maintains that title to this day and is one of the biggest selling blends across the globe.

They have a range that covers may different flavours and are always innovating in what to bring out next.

Their Famous Grouse 16 Year Old Double Matured is an excellent example of the top quality malt that comes out of Glenturret under The Famous Grouse name.

This blend has been matured in both Spanish Sherry casks and Bourbon casks and is filled with sweet fruits and strong vanilla notes.

Tasting notes for The Famous Grouse 16 Year Old

Bottle cost: £64.95

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The nose is brimming with peaches, pears, apples and bananas, all bursting with flavour. These are drizzled with a lovely caramel that is rich in vanilla tones.

There is a warming tone to the nose that indicates cinnamon spice may be yet to come. This is especially evident in the sweet caramel.

On the palette the cinnamon takes centre stage, with a hint of nutmeg and cloves as well.

It is warm and rich, with lots of complexity and refinement. The caramel plays an important role alongside the cinnamon and gives it lots of sweetness and depth. The vanilla also really comes out on the palette, with a hint of oak wood as well. It is saccharine and sugary and mouth wateringly good.

The fruits are also great on the palette, with lots of ripeness and a gentle hint of earthiness to them.

The finish ends with yet more cinnamon and a delicate hint of caramel.

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