Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon £44.45

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A classic Kentucky Bourbon from the Heaven Hill Distillery, Elijah Craig Small Batch is an excellent Whisky.

The Brand

Elijah Craig Small Batch is made at Heaven Hill Distillery. Heaven Hill Distillery has long been established and has stood in Bardstown, Kentucky since the early 20th century, although back then it was known as Old Heaven hill Springs.

It was borne out of a desire to create great Whisky in the years after Prohibition. Initially the founders did not have a lot going for them, but they persevered and  the brand eventually took off.

Good Neighbours

Unfortunately, a fire decimated the place in 1996 when the warehouses holding the ageing Whisky went up in flames.

With a helping hand from their neighbours at Brown-Froman and Jim Beam (who’s family member actually helped found Heaven Hill), the distillery was able to maintain production.

This meant Heaven Hill could rebuild their brand and today they are the second biggest holder of ageing Bourbon and America’s sixth biggest spirits supplier.

Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig, as well as being a Baptist preacher from the 1800s, is also one of Heaven Hill’s biggest names.

The original Elijah Craig is referred to as the Father of Bourbon on the brand’s website, so he must have been a big deal.

He was the first the char barrels that aged Whisky, although no one knows quite why he did so. But no one’s complaining here!

So in his honour, Heaven Hill have created their Elijah Craig range, and when you taste how good this Bourbon is, you’ll know they are doing him proud.

Tasting notes for Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon

Bottle cost: £37.04

This is some really great quality Whisky and has the awards to prove it, having won Gold in multiple spirits competitions.

It begins with a nose of rich sweet caramel notes and vanilla sponge cake. The sweetness is mouth wateringly good.

Fruity notes of apples and citrus fruits come in and add a lovely depth and tang to the flavour. It is rich and earthy. Oak wood takes over on the palate but goes perfectly with the vanilla and caramel flavours from the nose.

The sweetness ties in nicely with a hint of smoke and lovely dash of cinnamon and nutmeg warmth.The spice is perfect with the smoke and oak flavours. They all work together to make an excellent flavour profile.

The finish is strong, with more cinnamon and a dash of caramel. It wraps everything up perfectly.

Elijah Craig Small Batch is a really wonderful Bourbon that certainly does it’s namesake proud!

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