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Released in June 2015 at Imbibe Live, The Dubliner Irish Whisky is an exciting expression straight out of the greatest city on the Emerald Isle, although don’t let on to Belfast!

Matured in Bourbon Casks and with the typical Irish Whisky smoothness, this is a fantastic malt with a velvety soft mouth feel.

First Ireland Spirits, part of the Quintessential Brands family, first created the Dubliner Range as a liqueur and their newest release was represented by Marblehead at Imbibe.

Marblehead are a brand development company who also fall under the Quintessential Brands umbrella.  This is the first Whisky to be represented by Quintessential Brands.

It should come as no surprise that they are branching into the Whisky market considering the current increase in distillery numbers as well as the predicted boom in Irish Whisky sales.

First Ireland specialises in creating Irish cream liqueurs and work closely with local distillers to come up with exciting expressions.

The Dubliner Irish Liqueur itself is a wonderful concoction of cream and honeycomb that will have you falling in love with it in the first mouthful.

This new release continues the brand’s aims at capturing the character of the city of Dublin.

Packed full of history and culture, the energy exuded by the city is mirrored in this dram.It was blended by The Dubliner master blender John Drenan and is brimming with the craic.

Once you pour a bit into a glass and get your nose stuck in you are hit with the wonderful scents of honey and apple blossom.

It’s like it was crafted by the bees themselves.  The sweetness of the honey and floral aromas of the blossom are complemented by a dew covered grass notes that give the dram great depth.

The palate takes these flavours and really expresses them.  The smoothness of the Bourbon can be tasted and the rich honey that lends a creamy mouth feel.

There is a distinct maltiness to the dram that blends well with the sweetness of the honey.  The malt gives depth and a subtle dullness to the tangy fruits.  they complement each other perfectly.

The blossom and general orchard flavours becoming fully ripened apples and pears that burst over the tongue.

There is also a slight peppery note to the palate, with a hint of woody oak in the background.  This creates a lovely warming tinge to the Whisky that will fend off any of the chilly Irish weather that is coming as quick as Christmas.

The finish is full of the sweet honey and smooth Bourbon and lingers long enough to make your mouth water for more.

The green isle of Ireland and the energy of Dublin can felt and tasted throughout this dram, it is a brilliant tribute to its home.

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