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Cooking for Geeks is the cookbook for those of us out there who are tired of just following the same old recipe and playing things by the book.

Especially how geeky some of us are about whisky and the various levels of detail we write into tasting notes…

Do you enjoy cooking?  But do you like to give your own twist to tried and tested recipes? When you cook, does your kitchen become more of a laboratory than a Kitchen?

If this is you, or if you’re just curious about cooking and want to be more creative with your food, then look no further than Cooking for Geeks.  This is the recipe book that will take you through cooking like it is a scientific process.

Author Jeff Potter breaks everything down and allows you to understand cooking on a deeper level and answer the question “How do I know what goes together”.

Everyone can throw together a quick and easy meal but whether they enjoy it or not is another question.

And whether they understand what exactly they’re doing is a whole other question.

Potter takes food and cooking and makes it understandable.  Not by making is simplistic and insulting your intelligence, but by revealing the real science behind it.

He relates food to the way we taste and why we taste certain things.  He also takes many different flavours and helps us to understand more about them and how to use them to enhance a meal.

He discusses such in depth topics as “Genetic Taste Differences” and “Collagen Protein Experiment”, alongside showing you how to create flavour combinations that will make you enjoy food more than ever.

Potter even shows you how to create your own key ingredients, such as yogurt, citrus marmalade, mayonnaise and vanilla extract.

If you’re wondering what you’ll do with all this new information then do not fear, Potter has you covered.

As well as explaining the science of cooking, he also throws in numerous recipes that will allow you to implement your new knowledge.

He does not shy away from information in these either.  He bolsters each recipe with direct instructions that allow you to understand and be precise about how you cook.

Cooking for Geeks is basically a scientific textbook that you can use to make great meals and appreciate food on a whole other level, and all in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get to know your own tastes as well as discovering some new ones.  And you’ll be able to complement these tastes with other now you have a greater understanding of them!

Cooking for Geeks does not solely rely on the knowledge of Potter himself either.  The book gives you the chance to hear from experts who know exactly what they’re talking about.

Ranging from “Taste and Pleasure” to “Molecular Gastronomy”, there is definitely something new to be learned amongst these pages!

This is the perfect cookbook to really spice up your culinary adventures and discover unknown flavours that will blow your taste buds away!

Cooking for Geeks is an education in food that you will enjoy and get some fun from too.

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