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Proximo Spirits and Bushmills Irish Whiskey are delighted to announce the opening of the Causeway Distillery, a stone’s throw away from the Iconic Giant’s Causeway in the stunning, beguiling and rugged North Coast of Ireland. This is the second Distillery on an ancient and beautiful site, which will double our production capacity and underpin Bushmills continued growth and ambition to join the world’s great single malt leaders. The Giant’s Causeway has inspired Bushmills’ whiskey distillers for centuries, remaining unchanged and transporting visitors back in time to share the same unparalleled experience as their ancestors. 

Sharvagh house, home to Hugh Anderson, one of Bushmills great pioneers, stands at the gate to the Causeway Distillery.

Bushmills is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery, with a license to distil signed by James I in 1608. 7 generations have crafted whiskey here ever since.

Respecting the journey from old to new, Bushmills never stands still, and this new £60m Distillery built to blend into the natural surroundings is the culmination of that. For the first time ever, Bushmills sold over 1 million cases of the finest whiskey, in 2022 and with the opening of the new distillery is now among the largest single malt producers in the world.

Our site houses some of the rarest, most delicious aged Irish Single Malt whiskeys in the world. Our two latest releases include an ultra-prestige 25- and 30-year-old single malts.

There are plans in place to build an immersive visitors centre at The Causeway, an informative and fascinating insight into our past, that will stand alongside our current base which sees over 100k tourists each year. Bushmills wants to contribute to a rich future for Irish whiskey tourism.

The official opening is this month, and I wanted to check in to see if you wanted access to any of the following assets:

Epic Trips around the world 

Imagery of our iconic landscape and details about what tourists could do here

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How to taste, serve. What to expect at the tourist centre (the Old Bushmills Distillery) 

Top tips from our Irish hospitality experts, what are the best bars, dining experiences

How to do a whiskey tasting at Giant’s Causeway – a life-changing ‘bucket list’ moment!

These 15 women are changing the way we drink Whiskey

Time with our Master Blender Alex Thomas: encyclopedic knowledge of her craft, almost two decades here, with a foot firmly in the past but also into the future 

Whiskey and Travel Retail 

How ultra-premium is really taking off

The rise and rise of Irish Single Malt

How the new Causeway Distillery fits into Proximo’s and Bushmills’ plans for a global renaissance of this fascinating liquid

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