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Marking the biggest global release from Bladnoch since the distillery was revived in 2015 by David Prior

BLADNOCH, SCOTLAND (MARCH 22, 2021) – 204 year old Lowland distillery, Bladnoch, has today announced the global release of the Bladnoch Vinaya Single Malt Scotch Whisky. ‘Vinaya’, a Sanskrit word meaning respect and gratitude, pays homage to the original founders of the distillery who paved the way, as Bladnoch looks forward to a prosperous new era of production and innovation.

The expression also boasts a unique pair of cask types, ex-bourbon and ex-sherry, a combination never before released by the historic distillery. Notes of fresh apple, sweet floral grass and hints of chocolate make the release a stunning representation of Lowland style Single Malt. As with all Bladnoch releases, Vinaya is non-chill filtered and natural colour with water sourced from the River Bladnoch which flows alongside the historic distillery.

Master Distiller, Dr Nick Savage remarked on the launch of the character led release, “As the name suggests, Vinaya was inspired by teachings throughout the distillery’s heritage. From our original founders to our new era, we wanted to showcase the Lowland style of Bladnoch Distillery. By using 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels, we’re able to highlight the floral notes from the distillery character and a refreshing, citrus sweetness. The 1st fill ex-Sherry casks then add a subtle rich body to the whisky, and mouthfeel to the experience, finishing with notes of chocolate. These individual aspects combine in the whisky to showcase the classic aspects of our distillery. ”

On the global release, “As we embark on the 204th year of Bladnoch Distillery, the launch of Vinaya feels particularly significant.

It is important for us to show gratitude to the previous custodians of this historic brand and estate as we move forward into our most ambitious year yet.

Vinaya is a stunning expression of Bladnoch’s style and we’re excited to share it with the world.” shares David Prior who acquired the distillery in 2015.

Link for Purchase:
Bladnoch Whisky is exclusively distributed in the UK by S.E.A. Spirits.
Contact [email protected] for availability in other markets.
RRP: £50

Technical Details

Cask type: 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrel and 1st fill ex-Sherry cask matured
Strength: 46.7%
Colour: Summer barley field
Tasting Notes: Floral, Apples, Sweet
Nose: Sweet floral grass with boiled sweets
Palate: Fresh green apples and chocolate with a hint of pepper
Finish: Light and refreshing
Non-chill filtered, natural colour

About Bladnoch Distillery

Bladnoch Distillery was established in 1817, making it the oldest working Scotch Whisky Distillery in the Lowlands. As the southernmost distillery in Scotland, it is commonly referred to as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands.’ Hand crafted using only the finest local ingredients such as the pristine water from the River Bladnoch that flows alongside the distillery and Scottish barley to create a rich, flavourful whisky that is best savoured. Bladnoch Single Malts are non-chill filtered to ensure the truest flavours shine through.

This legacy brand has been revived by Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage, formerly at The Macallan, and owner David Prior, a whisky connoisseur who is the first Australian businessman to own a Scotch Whisky distillery. Bladnoch is truly passionate about the preservation of the environment and the local community’s generational involvement in the iconic distillery.

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