Ardbeg Ardbog Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

There has never been a more apt name for an Ardbeg Whisky than Ardbog, especially one with this much peat in it.

A Celebration of Ardbeg: Ardbog Whisky

Every year the Isle of Islay, perhaps Scotland’s best known island, or to Whisky drinkers at least, has a festival called Feis Ile (Islay Festival), and at the end of the week, Ardbeg, a distillery on the isle of Islay, has a day called Ardbeg Day. Ardbeg Ardbog has been made for that day.

Celebrated on June 2nd every year, Ardbeg Day is a salute to all things Ardbeg and the wonderful malt they produce there.

The distillery runs events and welcomes people to enjoy their drams. And the event is not limited to Islay either. With a member’s club known as the Committee that spans the globe, Ardbeg Day is celebrated all over the world.

New Annual Release

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the day is the release of a new bottling, which happens every year.

It is released first to the Committee in the months preceding Ardbeg Day, so they can tell everyone how good it is. Then on June 2nd, it is released to the rest of the world, so everyone else can join in on talking about how good it is,

Recent years have seen bottle honour the distillery’s history, and the years that have gone before it, including last year’s edition, Peat & Love, which was a throwback to the swinging 60s.

Ardbeg Day 2013

Let’s throw our minds back all the way to 2013 and take a closer look at the Ardbeg Day bottling of that year – Ardbog.

Could any name have suited this Whisky better? This bottling is the epitome of Ardbeg and its flavour profile, packed with earthy, se drenched notes and big bog flavours.

Ardbog was matured for ten years in ex-Bourbon American Oak casks and casks seasoned with Manzanilla Sherry.

Tasting notes for Ardbeg Ardbog Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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nose is packed with seaside flavours and lots of thick, pungent peat smoke. Citrus fruits and berries come through, with a zest and tang that brings it all to life.

The peat is full of earth and oak wood, with salty sea spray, brine and oil covered ropes appearing as well.

The palate is full of damp wood and orchard notes. Dew covered grass, apple blossom and tar complement vanilla, honey and caramel. The sweetness is elegant and smooth, letting the earthier tones really show themselves.

Oak wood ties in nicely with the vanilla and caramel and has a slightly burnt edge to it. This brings a bit of bite and warmth to the smoke.

Cinnmon, nutmeg and cloves also bring a bit of warmth and give a nice boost to the peat.

The finish is strong and full of peat. The richness of the earth is there alongside big notes of oak and spice.

Ardbeg Ardbog is not for the faint hearted, but in this way it is everything Ardbeg is and should be. Not to be missed.

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