Berry Bros. & Rudd Release World’s First Nordic Blend

Berry Bros. & Rudd have announced the second in the series of their Nordic Cask whisky range. Consisting of five casks from pioneering Nordic distilleries, the collection also features the world’s first cross-Nordic blend, Vindӧga.

Selected by Berry Bros. & Rudd Reserve Whisky Manager, Jonny McMillan, the range showcases the quality led and innovative approach of the Nordic whisky region which is growing notoriety in the industry. The collection boasts casks from Stauning (Denmark), Teerenpeli (Finland), Thy (Denmark), Smӧgen (Sweden) and Nordic blend Vindӧga.

Vindӧga Blended Nordic Malt Whisky is vatted from ex-Sherry matured casks, finding weight from the heavy-hitting Fary Lochan (Denmark) and the robust Teerenpeli (Finland), with a large helping of peaty complexity from Sweden’s Smögen and High Coast. Finesse comes from the organic Mosgaard (Denmark) and the Arctic distillery Myken (Norway).

Supporting the launch, Berry Bros. & Rudd are hosting a virtual tasting on the 15th September at 7pm streaming live @berrybrosruddspirits Facebook and YouTube. Jonny McMillan will welcome co-hosts Moa Nilsson aka Swedish Whisky Girl, Ingvar Ronde author of Malt Whisky Yearbook and key representatives from each of the distilleries to delve deeper into the Nordic whisky region.

Whisky enthusiasts can get involved by purchasing limited-edition tasting kits (£35) online and in person ahead of the virtual tasting at Abbey Whisky, giving whisky explorers and connoisseurs alike the chance to taste the whiskies with the experts before purchasing a bottle.

Jonny McMillan, Reserve Whisky Manager at Berry Bros. & Rudd said: “We’ve found Nordic distillers to be deeply respectful of whisky’s rich and proud heritage. Often drawing inspiration from their projects from Scotland and Japan, they show willingness to inject their spirit of locality. Be it using local grains, indigenous materials for smoking or simply producing a distillate with a sense of place.

“Berry Bros. & Rudd are proud to include in this release the first cross-Nordic blended malt, Vindӧga. Blended with input from each of the distillers and our good friend Thomas Øhrbom from Whisky Saga whom we worked with to create the final vatting. We hope the release further grows the region’s collaboration and inevitable global attention.”

The name Vindöga, as suggested by Nordic wordsmith Lars Karlsson, is an archaic Swedish word for “window”. This is a nod to the iconic windows at Berry Bros. & Rudd, which during the launch of The Nordic Casks #2, the brand will view as a window into the Nordic whisky region.

Whisky fans will be able to buy the bottlings from the 15th September in the UK from Abbey Whisky and Berry Bros. & Rudd.

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