Benromach Triple Distilled Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review, £45

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Based in the rolling Romach hills of Speyside, Benromach Distillery is owned by Gordon & MacPhail and has been around since 1898.

Benromach is one of several distilleries that was designed by legendary distillery architect Charles Doig.

It has had its ups and downs in the intervening years and was eventually mothballed in 1983. Gordon &MacPhail decided to add it to their portfolio in 1993 and it has been striving ever since

Benromach represents, what they like to call, a “classic Speysider”. This is a reference to the fact that their drams are slightly peated, giving them a smoky quality.

This is something that was not uncommon in the past in Speyside, but has since become quite rare in the region.

Their Triple Distilled is a wonderful example of how they marry a delicate smoke with sweeter flavours that are more typical of modern Speysiders.

This bottling has a 2009 vintage and has been matured in first fill Bourbon barrels. Unlike most Scotches it has been triple distilled, as the name would suggest!

This is a practice that is more common in Irish Whiskies and can be rare in Scotches. It is meant to give the dram a smoother mouth-feel.

They certainly succeed with this expression.

The nose opens with citrus fruits and elderflower. The scents are delicate and slightly floral.

The tang of limes and lemons is perfect with the easy-going qualities of the elderflower. Soft summer berries also come into the mix, with a little hint of vanilla.

The palate embraces the vanilla fully, with lots of sweetness and a slightly oak wood quality. The smoke becomes more obvious here, with a gentle whiff wafting through.

The smoke goes hand in hand with a rich dark chocolate that appears. It is slightly bitter and goes well with the citrus fruits from the nose.

There is also a slight spicy quality to it that gives it a lovely warming feeling.

The finish is deep and long, with lots of citrus fruits and berries. It is wonderfully sweet and rich.

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