BenRiach Batch 16 Cask 3791

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Master Blender Rachel Barrie has brought together and exciting new batch of cask strength malts from BenRiach.


Barrie has definitely earned the title Master during her time in the Scotch industry. She has been working in the industry for 27 years, having held positions at both Glenmorangie and Morrison Bowmore.

Now she is Master Blender at Glendronach, Glenglassagh and BenRiach. The Single Cask series, which this bottling is part of, is a series she has replicated across all at least two of the three sites.

Glendronach and BenRiach have both seen several batches of single cask bottlings released across the world. The series are celebrations of Scotch, showcasing just how incredible Single Malt can taste. They also give consumers a glimpse at the intricate flavour profiles and how these relate to distilleries and maturation methods.

BenRiach Batch 16 Cask 3791

As the name suggests, this particular bottling is a part of the 16th batch to be released in the series. That’s a lot of bottlings.

Each batch is split into two regions, covering all different parts of the world. This bottling is one of the expressions that was sent to Europe.

It has been matured in a Port pipe for 14 years, having been distilled in 2005. Only 272 bottles are available, so grab them while you can.

Tasting notes for BenRiach Batch 16 Cask 3791

The nose begins with big notes of orchard fruits and caramel.  Sweet, toasted whte sugar appears with blackcurrants and raspberries adding a tart bite. Croissants and pain au chocolat come in with a warm buttery flake to the pastry.

The palate is full of apple crumble with bitter chocolate. Caramel, honey and vanilla give the mouth feel a smooth finish. There is a hint of marzipan, with a slightly darker, cherry edge to it. Sweet nuts and malted grains round everything up.

The finish is bold, with bright notes of pastry and oak wood.

This is a fantastic dram from BenRiach, and well worth seeking out. Their single casks series is for fans of the distillery and Scotch enthusiasts alike. It gives the perfect insight into a popular distillery and a Master Blender with excellent skills.

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