Ben Branson Introduces Seedlip Non-alcoholic Spirits

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Anyone would think that with so much innovation in the world of alcohol, an industry that has been around for as long as man himself, it would be hard to have a truly original thought or idea.

Ben Branson is not just anyone.

Even in today’s climate of start-ups and “non-idea” ideas, like apps that will do everything for you including brush your teeth, Ben Branson has come up with Seedlip: a genuinely innovative range of non-alcoholic spirits.

With Seedlip, things are different.  This is a company and brand that actually does answer a call and is quite inventive in a way that is deeply connected to its founder’s history as well as the history of consuming alcohol.

Seedlip is a brand of non-alcoholic spirits that are revolutionising the way we consider alcohol and social drinking.

Who is Ben Branson?

Founder Ben Branson is an inspired individual who has a history of working for other’s people’s brands and decided to go out and create his own.

Enter Seedlip, a brand of non-alcoholic spirits that are the answer to the question of what to drink when you’re not drinking.

This is a dilemma that everyone has faced at some point in their lives, whether you are acting as designated driver, or just aren’t drinking.

Ben was inspired by his 300 Year family history as farmers in the north of England, as well as the bounty of nature.

He says, “My family’s been farming for 300 years up in the north of England, and so nature, the land and farming are massively important to me”.

This is reflected in Seedlip’s natural aesthetic and focus, with each expression containing only the best natural ingredients and herbs (see Seedlip Spice 94 as an example).

Another major factor in Ben’s inspiration for Seedlip was a book from the 1600s called The Art of Distillation.  This explores not only alcoholic concoctions but also non-alcoholic, herb based spirits, often used in medicine at the time.

This book has become somewhat biblical to Ben as it led him to re-creating this recipe in a copper still of his own.

How Seedlip was born

He experimented with his own products, grown in his own garden and eventually Seedlip was born.

Ben says this spirit is “something to sip. It’s not something to gulp down. There’s an adult aspect to this”, and that perfectly captures not only the product itself but also its major selling point.

This is a spirit that can be enjoyed in the same way one enjoys alcoholic spirits, over a period of time and not all in one go.  They are also served in a similar fashion, re-creating the experience of buying a cocktail or spirit and mixer in a non-alcoholic drink.

Seedlip fills the gap in the market between soft drinks and alcoholic spirits, giving consumers an option that fills both categories of non-alcoholic but interesting and not for children.

The great thing about Ben is that he knows his product and how to communicate it.  Rather than allowing it to become just another brand on the backshelf of a bar, Ben knows that Seedlip solves a problem that has long been overlooked.

Another option to alcohol

This is a spirit that can create the same experience of drinking an alcoholic drink and can be enjoyed in just the same way, giving you another option when you choose not to drink alcohol.

Ben is an extraordinary entrepreneur and creator and it will be exciting to see where his brand and himself go next… He’s a bloody lovely bloke too! 

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