Auchentoshan 21 Year Old Single Malt Lowland Scotch Whisky

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A big age statement from an innovative Lowland distillery, this Auchentoshan 21 Year Old is a wonderful dram.

Triple Distilled

Unlike the vast majority of Scotch malts, Auchentoshan is triple distilled. This is a process that is more common in Ireland, where the malts are renowned for their smoothness. While there are some other distilleries that dabble in it, Strathearn and the Glasgow Distillery for example, Auchentoshan is the best known, as each and every single one of the malts goes through triple distillation.

The difference between double and triple distillation is mostly in the texture of the malt. With a third distillation, the body of the malt is purer and smoother. This doesn’t mean that triple distillation Is better, just that the outcome is different. Advocates and Scotch purists will say that the third distillation is unnecessary and changes the flavour of the malt.

People can argue amongst themselves about distillation process till the cows come home, but really the only thing that matters is the final product and whether people enjoy it. And plenty of people adore Auchentoshan.

Auchentoshan 21 Year Old Scotch Lowland Single Malt Whisky

Established in Dunbartonshire, not far from Glasgow, Auchentoshan is one of only a handful of distilleries in the Lowlands. They’ve been there for nearly two centuries, having been founded in 1823.

A lot has changed in that time and they are now well known for the innovation and the exciting malts they create.

This 21 Year Old is their oldest of their core range and is a really well made malt. It has been matured for 21 years in both ex-Bourbon and Spanish Sherry casks.

Tasting notes for Auchentoshan 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Lowland Whisky

The nose begins with notes of honey and vanilla. Thick caramel also appears, as do sweet summer berries and hint of oak wood.

The palate is soft and mellow, with that tell-tale Auchentoshan smoothness. More honey, caramel and vanilla come through. Oak wood, with hints of sherry spice gives it a well rounded body. Notes of citrus fruits and burnt white sugar also appear.

The finish is oak and full bodied, with lots of sweet notes.

This 21 Year Old has a warming and well developed flavour profile. It is an ideal Lowland malt, with all the smoothness of a triple distilled dram and the sweet, mellow flavour profile you would expect.

Are you a fan of Auchentoshan? What do you think of their triple distillation methods? Let us know in the comments!

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