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Most people imagine a vault to be locked deep under ground and filled with treasures, but Vault Dubai is a little different.

Only one of those impressions is true of the Vault bar.  Rather than being locked under ground, The Vault is perched on the 71st and 72nd floors of the Marquis Building.

It is however packed with treasures in the form of exclusive cocktails and a fascinating menu.

Through the doors that are styled to look like legitimate vault doors, with cogs and wheels to turn, you are welcomed by rich and luxurious surroundings.

The geometric décor give the bar a futuristic look, while the wooden bar itself captures something of a more traditional drinking parlour feel.

The two combined creates a wonderful aesthetic that is both incredibly modern and yet reminiscent of more typical bars, with tool seats and a place to just enjoy yourself in good company.

If the inside of the bar doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the views outside definitely should.

Being so high up gives you awe-inspiring panoramic views of downtown Dubai and its surroundings.  The bar is so proud of its views that between 5 and 7 pm they offer sunset specials, when you can gaze out over the city while the desert sun descends.

The menu on offer is also incredible. You can choose from a wide variety of food that covers countless countries.

The drinks and cigar menu is even better. Again, the selection of Wines, Whiskies and Cigars available are global and cover a vast number of countries.

The quality of only the best and the Vault serves with pride.

Perhaps even more interesting is the cocktail list.  This is a truly unique collection of drinks that will make you want to try them all.

They offer amazing twists on old classics, such as the High-Rise Martini, as well as some exclusive concoctions of their own creation, including the Deposit Box, which must be tried to be believed.

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