An Eco-Conscious Whisky Gift for Christmas – Mackmyra Brukswhisky

For a truly innovative, sustainably-made, single malt whisky, Mackmyra Brukswhisky is the perfect gift for any environmentally conscious friend or family member this Christmas. The first ever Swedish single malt, this light, well-balanced, fruity and smooth whisky is made with all Swedish ingredients and appreciated by all kinds of whisky drinkers, sipped neat or in a cocktail, and suitable for any occasion.

Mackmyra Whisky is made in one of the most sustainable distilleries in the world, named after the Swedish village and manor of Mackmyra, Valbo. This unique whisky is made in as modern, efficient and environmentally friendly way as possible and aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

Nose: Softly fruity and spicy with toasted notes, concentrated vanilla, citrus, pear caramel, tropical fruits and honey. Fine mineral notes can be found such as anise, mint and ginger.

Taste: Well-balanced and smooth. Vanilla, oak, pear caramel and tropical citrus fruits. Fine roasted notes are found together with spicy herbs, tobacco leaves and small hints of smoke, peat and juniper.

Aftertaste: Long, fruity and spicy in fine interplay with roasted oak, citrus fruits and tobacco spices.

Founded by eight friends in 1999 the plan from the outset was to make a spirit that was quintessentially Swedish. Using local barley, spring water and Swedish oak, the whisky is matured intensely. The smoky recipe has a Swedish signature and is malted and smoked by hand using locally cut peat together with juniper twigs. A short distance from the distillery, the whisky is then aged in the old Bodås Mine, 50 metres underground. Add to that the sustainable methods used at its climate-smart, Gravity Distillery, and this malted whisky is one not to be missed.

— Mackmyra Gravity Distillery —
Mackmyra strive to make their whisky in as modern, efficient, visitor-friendly and environmentally friendly way as possible. To achieve this aim, they decided to build the world’s most climate-smart distillery. Standing at 35 metres tall, as the name suggests this building makes use of gravity throughout the whisky-making process. It was designed by Swedish architects, Thomas Eriksson Arkitektur & Design (TEA) whose mission it was to imbue the building with a character that captures the essence of Mackmyra. It is seven storeys high and uses gravity to power many internal processes within the distillery, resulting in nearly 45% less energy use compared to their first distillery.

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