American Born Bourbon Whisky 83 Proof American Whiskey Review

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Bourbon is by definition an American made product, but you will certainly never find a Bourbon quite an American as American Born 83 Proof Bourbon.


American Born is brand based in Austin, Texas and currently owned by Milestone Brands.

Milestone was set up by Eric Dopkins and Chad Auler, both of whom have had long careers in the spirits industry.

Dopkins was a CEO of Deep Eddy Vodka, while Aulercreated Savvy Vodka and was a co-founder of Deep Eddy Vodka.

They formed Milestone in 2016 and quickly acquired both Dulce Vida Spirits, making Dulce Vida Tequila, and American Born Moonshine.

American Born was founded by Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel when they started a company called Windy Hills Spirits in 2013. American Born Moonshine was then acquired by Milestone in 2016.

Milestone have recently expanded the American Born brand to create American Born Whiskey, which includes a line up of three Whiskies; a Bourbon, a peach infused Whiskey and an apple infused Whiskey.

The Bourbon

This is a wonderfully American Bourbon, packed with flavour and typical Bourbon sweetness.

It is made from a corn and rye combination and has been bottled at 83 proof to represent the year 1783, when America gained its independence.

The nose opens with lots of wood and sawdust, really getting the oak flavours out there. These are thick and rich, with lots of vanilla and earthy qualities.

The vanilla is deliciously sweet and sugary, with hints of caramel and treacle coming out.

These continue on the palate, where they give the Bourbon a smooth and mellow mouth feel.

The oak wood is quite complex and packed with flavour. It goes perfectly with the vanilla tones.


Some notes of grains and malt appear, adding a nice subtle backdrop for the sweeter notes.

It has a slightly spicy side as well, which appears in the form of cinnamon and cloves. These are warming and delicate.

The finish is smooth with a lot of vanilla and a little hint of toasted wood.

This is the ideal Bourbon for an Independence Day party. You simply can’t get any more American than this.

This bottle was sent to me by the brand, but my views and thoughts remain impartial. 

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