Alfred Giraud Harmonie Blended Malt French Whisky

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Harmonie is a blended French malt whisky from renowned cognac makers Alfred Giraud. It’ll have you wondering why there aren’t more French whiskies around and seeking out every blended malt you can.

The Alfred Giraud brand was initially established in 2012, but the family goes back four generations in cognac making. Phillippe Giraud, the youngest of the Girauds, started the brand knowing that his family’s experience give them the best cognac palates. The brand is named for Phillippe’s great-grandfather, who worked for legendary Remy Martin Cognac for over 30 years.

There might not be a clear line between cognac making and whisky distilling but when you remember that the French consume the most whisky worldwide per capita, it becomes obvious why Phillippe would want to produce some. There are a fair number of French distilleries already producing whisky, but the vast majority are local made and locally sold.

With Alfred Giraud, Phillippe wanted to create a whisky that could take on the big names in the whisky world. With Harmonie, it’s clear to see the ambition.

Harmonie Blended French Malt Whisky

The quality and luxury feeling of Harmonie make it stand up against brands like Macallan or Glenlivet. It is presented in a simple box with a gorgeous decanter inside, and a price point to match, going for over £150.

The whisky itself is brilliant quality and wonderfully smooth. It is made from three French malts that have been matured in American Oak, ex-cognac casks and French limousine casks, before a fourth lightly peated malt has been added.


Bottle cost: 155,00

The nose begins with big notes of oak wood, sweet nuts and a soft peated smoke. Crisp apples and pears give it a lovely sweet note.

The palate is rich and smooth, with lots of oak and gentle peat throughout. Dried fruits, apple crumble and cherries make it complex and enjoyable, complementing the earthy notes in the oak wood.

The finish lingers on oak, vanilla and apple.

Alfred Giraud Harmonie is a gentle, easy going malt that is rich and full of character. The fruit flavours are wonderfully developed and make for a well rounded malt. If Alfred Giraud bring out more whiskies like this, there is definitely a seat at the international whisky market for them.

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