Adnams Rye Malt Whisky

An award winning Rye Whisky from Adnams in the south of England, this will be a wonderful addition to your whisky cabinet.

An English Rye

Grown in the sunny English county of Suffolk, Adnams Rye is a bit different from your typical Rye Whisky.

The brand itself has been around for decades and they have a finger in every pie; from running hotels to selling kitchenware and making beer and spirits. Based in Southwold on the south east coast of England, they are innovative and exciting. Part of this is their constant development of their beer and spirits brands. The brewery ahs been around since 1872, but the Copper House Distillery is a much newer addition, having been established in 2010. Since then they have grown their product list substantially and regularly win awards. In fact, it was their award winning Gin that led them to create their first Single Malt.

Adnams Rye Malt Whisky

Several years later and they have three different malts being made at their distillery, including an intriguing Rye Malt.

The mash bill is 75% rye and 25% barley and the malt is the oldest of any made at Adnams, at five years old. It has been matured for that time in French oak casks.

Tasting notes for Adnams Rye Malt Whisky

adnams rye malt whisky

Bottle cost: £37.46

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The nose opens with bold notes of spice and citrus fruits. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and paprika add warmth and depth to the overall aroma. They combine well with caramel, honey and lots of oranges and limes. The citrus brings in a lovely sharpness against the softer sweet notes.

The palate bursts with caramel, vanilla and oak wood. There is a lot of heat and spiciness to taste. The vanilla and cinnamon get wrapped up with oak wood and drenched in sweet caramel notes.

Dried fruits and a slightly cakey flavour add a chewy texture and a lovely tang for the sweetness to bounce off. The citrus fruits are also there, with orange zest and lime giving it a nice tartness.

The finish is lingering and sweet, with some caramel and a hint of spice to end.

This is a brilliant Rye Malt and definitely worth comparing to bigger names from across the globe, where Rye is more commonly enjoyed. Don’t be put off if Rye isn’t your go to, this is an all round brilliant malt.

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