Aberfeldy 18 Year Old Exceptional Casks Port Matured Scotch Whisky

The Exceptional Casks Range

This Aberfeldy 18 Year Old has been chosen by Bacardi to be part of the Exceptional Casks Range.

This collection of excellent malts is an exploration into some of Bacardi’s distilleries and the malts they make there.

It is made up of expressions that wouldn’t commonly be included on the market and are harder to find.

They are described as “extremely rare, superlative”, highlighting the incredible quality of these malts.

Aberfeldy, a distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, has been around since 1896, when it was opened by John Dewar. Since then it has thrived and is now one of the brand’s lead distilleries.


Bottle cost: £65.74

Having been finished in Port casks for two years, after already being matured for 16 years, the flavour in this Aberfeldy 18 Year Old is amazing.

The nose begins with big notes of tart summer berries, caramel, oak wood and floral hints.

It is well developed and smooth. Notes of fresh orchards including dew covered grass, oak wood and honey also appear.

The palate is really rich and sophisticated. The flavours are all very well developed and melt into one another.

The smooth caramel and honey add a creaminess to the mouth feel that really takes over. It is mellow and soft, and allows all of the flavours to really come through.

More fruits come out, with big notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Dark chocolate, cherries and mahogany wood add a darker twist to the flavour but the summer berries and brighter fruits really interact well with these. The body is spicy and sweet with all the right flavours in all the right places.

The finish wraps everything up in big oak notes and a final dash of caramel.

The Exceptional Casks Range

This is a brilliant malt to be included in this range and really does shine a light on just how fantastic Aberfeldy malts can be.

Sales of Aberfeldy have picked up in recent years and it is becoming more and more popular, especially in demographics where this malt will be sold.

The flavours are well developed and the smoothness that comes from 18 years in a barrel is plain to see.

If you’re looking for a stunning malt to add to your collection, we highly suggest skipping all others and going straight for the Aberfeldy 18 Year Old.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat!

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