10 Most Expensive Scotches You Can Buy Right Now

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Fancy treating yourself? Feel like you just need a little pick me up that could pay your mortgage with a single drop? Then we have the drams for you!

These are some of the most expensive Scotches available on the market today, so if you do feel like you want to splurge a little, then these are the perfect malts for you!

The Macallan Fine & Rare range represents the best of the distillery’s oldest stock and this 15 Year Old is a particularly impressive expression. This dram has seen it all, haing lived through every decade since 1947. It was originally bottled in 1962 after it has been maturing in Sherry casks for 15 years.

In 2008 it was then re-issued as part of the Fine & Rare range. Although tasting notes are hard to find for such exceptional malts, this one is likely to taste slightly peated as the kilns were fired using peat in the aftermath of the Second World War. This is a classic in expensive scotches.

Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Master Distiller Richard Paterson working for the distillery, this is an incredible malt that has been hand crafted by the man himself. It has been matured in American White Oak, Matusalem Oloroso Sherry casks, sourced from the Gonzalez Byass Bodega before being finished for 50 days in champagne casks from Domaine Henri Giraud.

That’s quite a creation. And then it has been bottled in a decanter made by French crystal experts Baccarat. And even then, it has been placed inside a presentation case made by world famous furniture makes LINLEY. So you can see why it might cost around about £50,000 per bottle.

This blend has been crafted from Whiskies aged between 45-70 years, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. It was released to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the brand and is made of some of their finest drams.

Only 200 bottles were released and the distillery planned to give them to people who had contributed greatly to modern life, however, some can be found quite easily on the market, so if you’re feeling flush, why not take a look!

This is the final release in the Macaaln Six Pillars Collection and the final expression to be released in a Lalique decanter. The decanter is very beautiful and captures the pure quality of the liquid inside. The malt itself has been aged 65 and is one of The Macallan’s rarest.

All of the releases from the Six Pillars collection have been turned into true gems in The Macallan’s crown. They are always incredibly presented and as with their last instalment, have a price tag to match. Definitely worth investing in if you can scrape together the dough.

Bottled by Gordon & MacPhail, this is thought to be one of the oldest Whiskies ever to be released. It was put in a first fill Sherry cask in 1939 by John Urquhart, who was one of the first Urquharts to work with Gordon &MacPhail. Seventy-Five years later the malt was finally bottled, and the result is astounding.

As well as the exceptional malt, the tear drop shaped decanter is unique in itself, having been hand cut 75 times and marked with a different number. Only 100 decanters of this dram have been released, so as well as being incredibly old, they are also incredibly rare. Which probably goes a long way to explain the hefty price tag.

Released to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Ian Macleod Distillers this dram from Tamdhu Distillery is well worth the £16,000 price tag. The malt itself has been aged in first fill European oak Sherry butts and has an incredible spice to it.

The decanter, which also contributes to the price, has been crafted by silversmiths from Hamilton & Inches, glass specialist Katy Holford and crystal maker Royal Brierly. The decanter is presented in a solid oak canister with silver plating. If that isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is.

This is an award winning malt from Balvenie’s Vintage Cask collection. It was first distilled in 1972 and then bottled in 2006. It claimed the titles of World’s Best Vintage Speyside and World’s Best New Release at the 2007 World Whisky Awards and has been stunning critics ever since, including the legendary Dave Broom. There were only ever 150 bottles of this in existence so if you get the opportunity to buy it, it is a must.

Hailing from the Highlands, this malt may not be the most expensive on the list, but it is certainly an interesting on. It has been matured for a whopping 41 years in ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks and is one of the oldest and rarest release from Glenmorangie. It makes a very fine addition to the expensive scotches list.

Like many on this list, it has been bottled into an exquisite decanter that reflects the quality of the liquid inside. And also like amny on this list, there are limited numbers available with only 503 ever being made, so if you find your pockets are a bit heavy, it is definitely worth investing in.

Tullibardine Distillery was founded in 1949 and this Whisky was distilled a mere three years later and finished in Sherry casks. It is the oldest malt available from the distillery and only 70 bottles have been made.

The decanter has been made by Baccarat and is presented in a case that essentially doubles as its own bar, with two glasses included as well. This would be an incredible dram to own, simply for the fact that it has seen almost every year since the distillery’s opening and is a great artefact to add to any collection. Not so well know, but an excellent addition to the expensive scotches category.

Released as part of the celebrations for Master Distiller David C. Stewart’s 50th anniversary with the distillery, this dram finishes Chapter 1 of the DCS Compendium. In total, the distillery plans to release 25 expressions, each representing a different theme.

This bottle was released as part of the Distillery Style theme and is sweet in its flavour profile, having been matured in refill American oak hogsheads in 1968. There are only 68 bottles of this available, but judging by how well the other expressions in the series have done so far, this is a must buy (if your wallet allows you!). Another classic in the expensive scotches category

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