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Now, I occasionally get referred to as a whisky expert, and every single time it makes me blush, so when asked my The Whisky School asked me to have a go at their innovative online training tool I thought ‘right, let’s see if I am a whisky expert’. Read on to find out how I got on.

On a chilly evening I sat in my office, large dram in hand and set about exploring my course on The Whisky School website – worth saying up front that GreatDrams has been granted an exclusive £10 off discount code – DRAM10 – for anyone who wishes to purchase on the site so go go go !

First things first, the packaging. 

Really cool, smaller than I anticipated and a lovely opening mechanism, not to mention the copper detailing on the box.

You receive a card with a unique number on it, this is entered into the website to access and take part in your course.

The course

Once signed up, you will be presented with your training module that will include chapters on:

  1. Whisky
  2. Made in Scotland
  3. Crafting Whisky
  4. Types of Scotch Whisky
  5. Whisky Around The World
  6. Tasting Whisky
  7. Serving Whisky

Each one is presented in an engaging, detailed and interactive way with the option for a soothing Scottish voiceover should you so desire, or if you cannot be bothered reading.

Most pages within each chapter have additional clickable features that reveal more information and test what you’ve been learning along the way.

Brace yourself to be tested though, each chapter can only be completed if you answer two questions relevant to that specific chapter correctly.

The content’s tone and phraseology is very accessible, not dumbed down at all but ideas, history, process details and complex ideas are presented clearly and in an understandable way.

The animation of the distilling process is a particular visual highlight.

Once through each chapter you have a final ‘exam’ that determines whether or not you qualify for The Whisky School certificate of completion. I managed to score 85% which bugged me as I had scored all questions correctly at the end of each chapter but nonetheless I passed and will soon have the certificate on my wall.

All in all a great course, useful for team training, trade training, enthusiastic consumers and definitely for whisky writers to test themselves!

Course costs £29.95 and can be purchased here: – remember that GreatDrams has been granted an exclusive £10 off discount code – DRAM10 – for anyone who wishes to purchase on the site.

Thank you to The Whisky School for providing me full access to the module for this review.

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