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Do you ever sit smoking your pipe, in your flat cap, dram in hand, and think, “oh how I wish there was a blog dedicated to my country gentleman (or lady) way of life”?

Well now there is, and it has everything the country gent is looking for.

From great Whisky recommendations and reviews to field sports and fashion, this blog covers it all.

There are sections dedicated to shooting, fishing, Whisky, style, and business, everything the modern day country gentleman needs to navigate his world.

Rather than focussing on the same old in these categories, the blog takes into consideration lots of different things about each and covers them in depth.

It swerves away from the traditional, and rather than being stuck in a time long gone, as many countryside based blogs can be, it addresses issues and topics that directly effect the country gent today.

But the blog doesn’t take itself overly seriously either. While it is packed with lots of information about things like driven pheasant shooting and compound interest, it is also full of things like what to wear for game shooting and a beginner’s guide to Scotch.

The Whisky category of the website is varied and covers a lot of the basics as well as some in depth, more informative pieces. It is a great place to start your Whisky journey or top up on your dramming knowledge.

And you might recognise someone featuring in Rob’s podcasts this year; me! I’m his resident whisky commentator and taster, look out for our sampling and review sessions released with each podcast this year. 

You can find all Rob’s podcasts here:

And the they can be found here:

Coral Rose, Sporting Artist – Collecting Art, Country Life, Rural Yorkshire

There is truly something for everyone on this blog, whether you consider yourself to be a country dweller or if you’re more of an urban type.

The blog doesn’t only stick to topics like sports and Whisky either, it also brings in lifestyle and culture.

There are brand reviews and style guides that give you the chance to really hone your look and learn more about some great countryside companies that provide slick style for the rural fashionista.

The blog is still relatively new, but definitely has big things ahead of it.

If you’re looking for a blog that will let you fully embrace your country loving side, then this is definitely the place to start.

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