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An exciting spirit from a distillery that has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

The Most English of Gins

Gin is a decidedly English spirit. Despite being a descendant of the Dutch spirit jenever, gin is known for its English roots. There is a lot of history in England to do with gin, including poems, novels and countless pieces of art dedicated to it. Although not all of that art is in celebration of gin – check out William Hogarth’s Gin Lane if you really want to see the horrors of “Mother’s Ruin” as it was known then!

Both gin styles of London Dry and Old Tom had their start in England and the spirit is a staple in the country. The British flag adorns so many gin bottles, it’s almost impossible to get away from. Essentially, gin is to England what whisky is to Scotland.

Tasting notes for The Lakes Gin by The Lakes Distillery

Bottle cost: £33

The range is impressive, and even more impressive is the spirit itself. Their signature gin is an excellent example of the quality of their spirit. Key botanicals that they use are cracked black pepper, orange peel and of course, juniper.

The nose begins with a wonderful aroma of orange peel. It is slightly oily and rich, with lots of sweetness and citrus zest. The pepper is slightly detectable, bringing in a little spice. Juniper adds a nice earthy quality.

The palate is rich and deep, with an exceptionally smooth body. It is full of citrus fruit and peppery spice. The warmth really brings the juniper notes alive. Pine needles and turpentine give it a depth and sophistication.

The finish is strong and full of orange and juniper.

This is one of the best gins to be made in recent years. It is very English and very, very good.

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