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Dating back to the late 1800s, Wiser’s is a brand entrenched in quality and artistry.

They pride themselves on sticking to the traditional methods on which their Whisky was founded.

The company was first created by John Philip Wiser in the late 1800s.  The son of a Dutch farmer from New York State, J. P., as he liked to be known, believed patience was everything in the creation of fine malt.

He lived by the motto “Quality is something you just can’t rush” and seeing how long his product has lasted, it is easy to see why this was close to his heart.

Canadian Whisky was not of the highest quality back when J.P. was just starting out.  It had a tendency to be under-aged and made from the cheapest ingredients, but the young entrepreneur choose to set a high standard for his own product.

Refusing to compromise and back down from competition he selected the finest ingredients and made the decision not to rush the maturation process.  He said “Whisky takes time” and poured years into perfecting his malts.

Wiser’s blends were well thought out and known for their great taste and consistency. 

Fast forward to Wiser’s today and we still find the finest quality ingredients and the easy-going spirit started by J.P. himself.

Dr.Don Livermore is now master blender and is carrying on the tradition of making great blends.  He has been in the industry for many years and gained his PhD in Brewing and Distilling from Scotland’s own Heriot-Watt University.

Having worked for the brand in research and development for an impressive eleven years, he knows a thing or two about the whisky and how to keep improving it.

Livermore became master blender in 2012 and has been steering the ship ever since.

The range overseen by Livermore includes nine different expressions, eah with its own unique character and qualities.

Before being bottled these malts are stored in Hiram Walker’s massive maturing warehouses.  Hiram Walker are the majority shareholders of Wiser’s and do a great job of overseeing the success of the brand.  Their fourteen warehouse buildings hold up to an astounding 1.3 million casks of spirits and are some of the biggest in the world.

Wiser’s are very proud of their range and its versatility.  They promote it as being both fantastic straight up, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

They include an interactive recipe guide on their website that allows you to really get to their collection as well as all the great ways to enjoy it!

And it seems that the critics would agree.  Wiser’s have won many awards in their history for drinks across the range.

Most recently they were proudly awarded the Gold medal at the World Whisky Awards 2015 for their Legacy expression.

This year they also won a Silver medal for their Spiced Vanilla.

Perhaps their biggest accolade of late is the win for Best Canadian Whisky at the World Whisky Awards 2014.

With Canadian Whisky on the rise at the minute,  Wiser’s is certainly a brand to look out for, and can certainly do great things in both the present and future!

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