Strathisla 13 Year Old Distillery Reserve Collection Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky

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An exceptional malt hailing from one of Scotland’s most stunning distilleries; the Strathisla 13 Year Old is a real treat.

Scotland at its finest

If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you’ll know the dramatic backdrops that many distilleries are set against, and Strathisla is no different. Nestled away in the picturesque village of Keith, Strathisla is found not far from some of the most stunning views you’ll find in Scotland.

The distillery itself is quaint, exactly what you would expect from one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Once you go inside it gets even better, with a really luxurious feel to it. It is owned by the luxury brand Chivas Brothers and is one of the main contributors to their Chivas Regal blend.

Strathisla 13 Year Old Distillery Reserve Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky

While a lot of the malt from Strathisla goes into Chivas Regal blends, there are some cracking independent and distillery reserve bottlings out there.

Their 13 Year Old Distillery Reserve, bottled in 2006, is a very fine example of how good their single malt can be. Having been finished in first fill Sherry butts. It is part of a collection of Chivas Brothers malts that are only available to buy from the visitor centres of the distilleries owned by the company.

Tasting notes for Strathisla 13 Year Old Distillery Reserve Single Malt Speyside Scotch Whisky

Bottle cost: £128

The nose begins with sweet summer berries, chocolate and hints of dark coffee. Oak wood, cinnamon spice and orchard fruit also appear, giving it a lovely robust, varied aroma.

The palate is slightly darker than the nose, with more dried fruits and sherry spice. Sweet notes of fruits, caramel and oak wood give it a well rounded flavour profile. More summer berries appear, alongside honey and some slightly earthy notes.

The finish is strong, with lots of dried fruit and sherry notes.

This 13 Year Old Strathisla malt is brilliant. It is not overly complex but has a well rounded and flavoursome profile and only makes us wish that there were more Strathisla Single Malts available.

What do you think of Strathisla Distillery and their malts? Let us know in the comments!

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