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A whisky competition site, run by a whisky enthusiast on Islay, for whisky enthusiasts everywhere… Talisker 41-Year-Old from The Bodega Series? Port Ellen 40-Year-Old? The ENTIRE Macallan Edition set, or the Balvenie stories collection? Glenfarclas 40-Year-Old? Single casks from Warehouse 9 at Bunnahabhain? Ardbeg 25-Year Old? Or perhaps, the one and only 1973 Bowmore 43-Year-Old?

These fantastic whiskies are sure to be on the top of every whisky collector, enthusiast or even drinkers wishlist. But good news, if you don’t fancy investing the hundreds or even thousands of pounds to have these in your home, you can enter my competitions and give yourself the chance to WIN the likes of these bottles for less than £20! So, who am I?

My name is Lily, and I’ll quickly take you through how Luxury & Rare Whisky Competitions work, the fantastic advantages of being based on the whisky island of Islay and share the joys of our Whiskatorian winners. The website is known as Luxury & Rare Whisky Competitions, the UK’s first and largest whisky competition website. Created in 2020, I have now amassed over 2000 ‘Whiskatorians’, had over 500 lucky winners, and given away hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of whisky.

If you’re reading this as a whisky fanatic, you are probably aware of the pilgrimages people make to the whisky island of Islay. Nights spent dreaming about Ardbeg’s quirkiness, the tranquillity of Bunnahabhain, or even the bustle of a well-known festival called Fèis Ìle. Living on Islay and being a true whisky enthusiast myself, allows me to have exclusive access to some of the world’s most sought-after Islay releases, and often allows me to release bottles to the website, before they’re even released to the public online! The latest being the Bowmore Aston Martin collection, Ardbeg single casks, and most recently, Chapter 3 from a distillery we all know and love. The Laphroaig 33-Year-Old – Ian Hunter Story.

But how does it work?

Simple. There are no sign-up fees. To become a Luxury & Rare Whiskatorian all you need to do is create an account! Each competition has a set amount of ‘BOGOF’ ticket codes, and if you are subscribed, you will also receive weekly free giveaways. New subscribers also receive a 10% discount code for their first order on the website! Entering my competitions is quick and simple. You choose which rare, exclusive or limited bottle you would love to win, answer the question, and then join me on my live draws hosted from Islay, for some whisky chat and most importantly, to find out if your dream bottle is coming home to you!

From sourcing the special bottles, hosting the live draws, answering people’s questions about the weird and wonderful whisky industry, to handwriting the winners’ cards, everything is done right here on Islay. The below review is from Roy, winner of the Glenmorangie Signet, and Penderyn Portwood, you may notice that the prize was hand-delivered by Barry! As much as I would love to, I cannot ride a motorcycle, so my other half and trusty sidekick got the job! “Brilliant concept, sign up for notifications, receive said notifications, if you’re quick you can get two tickets for the price of one. The website is well laid out and there’s always something quirky or rare on there to have a punt on. Ticket prices vary depending on the value / rarity of the prizes.

It was my wife who discovered the website, she entered a free draw they were running and low and behold won a fine bottle. It was delivered within a few days, and she had mentioned it was a fitting late present for my birthday. Team L&RW a.k.a Lily included a wee extra dram for me to enjoy. I’m not a gambler but do enjoy good whisky, I have now given up the lotto and gone for the better odds of the possibility of winning a good bottle. In fact, I recently won a bottle of Penderyn, and it was hand delivered by Barry on his motorcycle. So much better than the postie but I’ll welcome a prize however it’s delivered! Luxury & Rare Whisky get a thumbs up from me!”
– Roy Stevely

Along running my regular draws weekly on a Monday, I also run the occasional ‘Mega Draw’. In May for World Whisky Day, I accrued and released over 50 bottles from distilleries around the world, from Mexico to Finland, New Zealand to South Africa, Canada to Ireland, you name it, I had it, and hosted an evening of live draws at the end of the month from Islay, where over 60 people suddenly had a new bottle on their way home to them, the majority being hand-delivered around Scotland by motorcycle! I was astounded at how many unknown, fantastic distilleries there are around the world, some from countries I had no idea even produced whisky (or ‘whiskey’) in some cases! Keep an eye out for what I have planned for September…

So, if you’d like to start winning some incredible whisky, take part in our friendly live draws hosted from Islay, and most importantly, join the Whiskatorian community, check out our website linked below!



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Instagram: @luxuryandrarewhisky

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