The Romance of Limited Edition

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We’ve all done it. We’ve all been charmed by the idea of limited editions.

Whether it’s a Whisky or anything else that can be called limited editions, at some point in our lives we’ve purchased something based on the fact that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to own it.

So Why Do We Do It?

Whether they are dressed up as limited edition, Master Distiller’s own choice, special bottlings or rare expressions, there is something about a limited edition Whisky that draws you in.

This is especially true if you’re a Whisky enthusiast and collector. Adding that one special bottling, even if you have no intention of drinking it, can make you feel like a child on Christmas Day.

It’s the idea that you own something exclusive, something that very few others own and something that will probably have a lot of value either now or in the future.

Limited Editions tend to appreciate value with years, so they can be a monetary investment as well as just something to enjoy

Be There to Own It

This becomes even more of a draw when it comes to Be There to Own It releases.

Owning one of these shows that not only do you love a brand, but you’ll travel to get it. Be there to own it releases are even more lucrative that your standard limited editions because they actually require some dedication to get them.

These bottlings feel more exclusive and special since they are harder to come by. Sure you can probably buy them on eBay after the event, but that doesn’t come with the same satisfaction as knowing you were actually there and now you own this dram.

Festivals such as Islay’s Feis Ile, as well as Speyside and Campbelltown festivals often create bottlings that are Be There to Own It.

This draws a crowd of true collectors, who want something extra special to add to their Whisky cabinet.

The Romance of Limited Edition

This is what owning a limited edition is all about, the romance of it all, the ability to say that you own something very special that not a lot of other people can lay claim to.

Most, if not all, brands will have some kind if limited edition or special release in their range, and while most people don’t immediately jump to own them all, this can be especially intriguing if you’re a fan.


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