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Formed in 2013 by Darron Anley and Ryan Witter-Merithew, Siren Beers Craft Brew is a brand that prides themselves on diversity, and certainly explores that with their range.

The Brand

Siren Beers Craft Brew is so much more than just a brewery. They are innovators and leaders in the field.

When Anley sold his IT business he wondered what he should move onto next, and having always been a fan of good beer, as well as taking some inspiration from Brew Dog, he turned to craft brewing.

The brand was born and found its home in Finchampstead in Berkshire. From here, Anley and Witter-Merithew set up their brewery.

Siren soon became popular and since then have expanded to have a tap room and visitor centre.

They soon became known as innovators in their field and started initiatives such as the Rainbow Project. This brought together various craft breweries, each designated a colour of the rainbow to emulate through an IPA.

Then, they cam together with all of their creations and exhibited what they had done. The project has been going on for four years now and even went on tour in 2017.

Tasting notes for the Siren Beers

Siren Beers has a diverse portfolio of beers at hand, with lots of innovative and intriguing flavours. There is definitely something here for everyone. We’re going to take a look at a handful to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

White Tips

Let’s start with White Tips. This is a wit beer made with the same amount of hops you would find in a traditional IPA. It has also been brewed with orange grapefruit and lime peel to give it a wonderful citrus tang.

It has a lot of zest and the orange and lime go especially well with the malted notes that also come through. The hops are really rich and go perfectly with the fruity flavours. It’s a lively beer that is ideal for warm summer evenings.

Barrel Aged Shattered Dream

Next we have the Barrel Aged Shattered Dream. This beer was created with Siren’s Breakfast Stout in mind, and was made to celebrate their 100th batch. It has been made by barrel ageing in Bourbon barrels.

The sweetness of the Bourbon comes through in caramel and vanilla notes, with a strong hint of coffee as well. The bitterness of the coffee is refined and elegant, really setting off the sweeter notes of the sugary caramel and vanilla.

The vanilla is also wonderfully reminiscent of the oak wood of the barrel. There is also a lovely hint of chocolate to make it smooth and mellow.

Home from Home

Our next in line is Home from Home. This is an exciting beer that has been made in collaboration with Rueben’s Brewery in Seattle.

It brings together Pilsner malt as well as British malted oats in celebration of both the US and UK styles of brewing. It has also been made using Kenyan coffee beans, to give it a nutty, fruity flavour.

This is a really bright, lively beer, with big notes of pineapple, grapefruit and summer berries going for it. The combination of both US and UK grains really brings it to life and gives is a heart warming back story.


Lastly we have Trubbel, a Belgian Strong Ale. This is a wonderful ruby coloured beer that has been aged in French oak Bordeaux barrels as well as bourbon barrels.

It is brilliantly rich, with dark summer berries, strawberries, cherries and oaky red wine flavours appearing. There is a malted quality to it as well that really adds to the overall flavour. The grains are sumptuous and sweet.

Siren are a great innovator in the craft beer world, and these are only some of the fantastic brews they make. Get going through their catalogue and you’ll probably find the perfect beer for your summer.

Are you a fan of Siren Beers? Tell us in the comments!

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