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Have you ever been in a mood for a certain beer or wine and just wished the drinks gods would come down and give it to you there and then?

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve thought to ourselves, “a cold delicious craft beer would be so perfect right now”.

Ok maybe not craft, but beer anyway.

Well the drinks gods have looked down on us lowly humans and decided to bless us with a drinks delivery service that will answer your call.

Unfortunately the gods are yet to extend this service outside of central and east London, but for the time being, if you live within this area then all your beers, wines and spirits dreams can come true.

Hopt is a service operated out of a Shoreditch shop of the same name, that will deliver cold drinks to your door in around 60 minutes.  Yes you read that right, cold, curated and special chosen drinks right to you home or workplace in around 60 minutes.

It was started by Tim, Trevor and Tommy, with the alliteration really helping to make their names more memorable.

It began life as a way for these guys to share their passion for fantastic craft beers, wines and spirits with the wider world.

They have a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits to choose from, suiting any price range or mood.

Their beer selections are grouped into interesting titles such as Mixed and Chill, IPArty and Brewmance (my personal favourite).

There is definitely something for everyone here, whether you are a student on a budget or looking for something to put in the fridge to impress at a dinner party, Hopt have everything you need and will deliver it right to you.

This takes away the hassle of having to go to the shops to stand and try and decide exactly what you’re looking and what kind of mood you’re going for.

Hopt do all the leg work and thinking for you.  They have a wide range and brilliant selection of whatever it is you’re looking for.

If you’re in the market for a good dram, then they feature gems such as Glenrothes 10 Year Old, Green Spot Single Pot Still and Nikka From the Barrel.

And they don’t stop at Whisky either.  They also have Mr.Lyan’s Candlelit Manhattan, El Dorado Rum and Bathtub Gin.

This is the perfect way to fulfil all your alcohol needs in less than an hour and with so many fantastic options to choose from, what more could you ask for?

Hopt stocks only the best and are constantly updating and changing their selections.  This gives you the chance to experience some brilliant choices from around Britain as well as some pretty great international selections.

These include beers such as Goose Island 312, hailing from Chicago USA and AugustinerHelles from Germany.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, then they also do Beavertown Neck Oil and Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale, both of which are from


So the next time you find yourself pining for a crisp, cool beer in your hand, look to the drinks gods and thank them right before you place your order for a Sharing is Caring package or a little bit of Brewmance.

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