Long gone but here’s the old review: Albannach, A taste of Scotland in the centre of London

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We all know I'm a Scotch whisky collector and enthusiast but something you probably do not know is that one of my favourite restaurants is also Scottish and located in the exact centre of London called Albannach.

I first went here many moons ago when a friend bought me a whisky tasting session as a thank you for helping him out with some career guidance back in 2008.

Since then I have been back regularly, probably around five times a year for both the fabulous whisky and also the incredible food. My first date with Kirst, who is now my wife, actually ended up there for a cocktail nightcap. Happy memories.

Not many people I speak to would expect to hear of a Scottish restaurant, let alone in the heart of England’s capital, but everyone should take time out to venture to Albannach, just off Trafalgar Square, you will not and never will be disappointed.

Is it the hundreds of whisky expressions available that makes me such a big fan?
Or it is the incredible food, locally sourced and delicately prepared?
Or could it be the gorgeous tone of voice in everything from the menu to the decor?

I think we all know it is a balance between all three, as you will see in the pictures attached to this post.


If you like your Scotch neat, your beef Wellington cooked to perfection and your chips triple cooked then make sure you try this lovely restaurant experience when you’re next in London.

The service is impeccable too, the mixologists know their stuff, can recommend and advise on which whiskies go together as a flight (four whisky sample sets are available at the bar and served in mock-antlers) or if you tell them what you usually like they will recommend new experiences for you.

The food is just divine, I typically have the miniature Yorkshire pudding with beef followed by either the beef Wellington or the veal steak (rare) and have never been left wanting.

Also, if you are as into your whisky as I am, order an Old Fashioned (widely regarded as the world’s first and original cocktail recipe) and ask them to make it with an Ardbeg 10 base, you will thank me for it. Gorgeous.

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