Redbreast 27 Year Old Ruby Port Cask Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The oldest addition to the Redbreast core line up, this Ruby Port Cask finished Irish Whiskey is remarkable.

Expanding the family

Redbreast Whiskey, made at the legendary Midleton Distillery in Cork, has been around for decades. The brand has grown considerably since the first 12 year old was released, especially in the last decade or so. The growing popularity of Irish whiskey has a lot to answer for there.

This 27 year old is the oldest Redbreast to join the core line up, which currently consists of a 12 year (also available in cask strength), 15 Year Old, 21 Year Old and Lustau, which is a collaboration with Bodegas Lustau.

Also currently available Project Wingman, which comes with a free Redbreast branded bird feeder. Definitely one of the more niche whiskey gifts out there! But the whole point of Project Wingman is to raise money for Birdlife International, which works towards the conservation of birds across the world. Fitting for a brand with a Robin as their mascot.

Redbreast 27 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Ruby Port Cask Matured

The newest member of the Redbreast family is a brilliant whiskey. It has been triple distilled, like most Irish whiskies, and has been matured in bourbon, sherry and Ruby Port casks. The age plus the bold mix of casks used for maturation have created a wonderfully smooth and rich dram.

Tasting notes for Redbreast 27 Year Old Ruby Port Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The nose opens with notes of red fruits, mangos and pineapples. Vanilla, caramel and oak wood give it a lovely sweet edge. The fruits are ripe and bursting with flavour. Hints of thyme and basil also come through.

The palate is rich and well developed. The impact of the casks is not to be underestimated here and you can really taste a range of flavour that the three cask types have imparted. Vanilla and caramel, with hints of smoke are joined by cinnamon heat and bright summer fruits. Cherries and plums give it a lovely richness.

The finish lingers on fruity notes and warming notes of oak wood and cinnamon.

Redbreast have added a stunning expression to their line up, one they can definitely be proud of and that we are very relieved is a permanent fixture.

Are you a fan of Redbreast? Have you tried their 27 Year Old Ruby Port Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey? Let us know in the comments!

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