An Ode Tae Laphroaig this Burns Night

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Entitled ‘An Ode Tae Laphroaig,’ the film features a poem written and performed by Elvis McGonagall, the award-winning Scottish poet, who is also a stand-up comedian and a poetry slam world champion.

Rabbie Burns is famous for his odes to objects like haggis and mice, so an ode seemed like an ideal accompaniment to any Burns Night celebration.

‘An Ode Tae Laphroaig’

The “How-Do-You-Pronounce-It?” malt
Wi’ which some Sassenachs find fault
Aw’ storm-lashed-sea-spray-smoky-salt
Let’s exalt Laphroaig

Islay rain on heather, moss and grass
Through kiln ‘n cask, frae grain tae glass
A snort, a drop, a dram o’ class
Crack open the Laphroaig

A richt rambusteous “amber bead”
No yin fur faintheart or weak-kneed
A muckle skelp aboot the heid
Pure radge that Laphroaig

Uisge beathe – nae moonshine booze
The nectar that the angels choose
Ambrosia, immortal muse
Bottled poetry Laphroaig

In seven pot stills by the ocean
Liquid joy, sweet peaty potion
A burning kiss of deep devotion
Ooh la la Laphroaig

Tastebuds flyin’ as high as a kite
Brain burstin’ oot in fairy lights
A deoch-an-doris tae cap the night
Just wan more Laphroaig

Queen o’ the Hebrides’ golden tears
Distillation o’ two hundred years
Skal, Prost, Salud, Kampei, Cheers
Slainte-mhath! Laphroaig!

Copyright Elvis Mcgnagall, April 2015


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