Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine Cask Finished Single Malt Israeli Whisky

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Exploring new finishing techniques, Milk & Honey Distillery is creating a unique series of Israeli malts. Red Wine Cask Finished is their latest release in the Elements Series.

World Firsts

While whisky making may have been happening in Scotland and Ireland for centuries now, in some countries it is only starting. The act of distilling has been going on in the middle east for much longer and in fact originated there before it was brought to the British Isles. But the art of whisky making has not been popular there for very long.

Milk & Honey were one of the first, if not the very first, distillery to open in Israel. There was an attempt to make blended Scotch in Israel, in the 1970s but it went very badly and “Ascot Special Deluxe” never really took off (especially after the lawsuit from the Scotch Whisky Association and Johnnie Walker).

Milk & Honey is very different from this venture. Instead of trying to recreate Scotch, they are embracing the heritage of the distillery and proudly making Israel’s first whisky. Opened in 2014, the distillery has been creating excellent malt and with the Elements Series are exploring finishing techniques.

The Elements Series

There are currently three expressions in the Elements Series; sherry cask, peated and Red Wine cask. Each has a unique flavour profile, marrying together the young Israeli malt with more traditional flavours found in Scotch distilling.

The Red Wine Cask finished single malt is a brilliant whisky. Made using Red Wine casks from Israel’s best wineries, it is full of body and character. The Mediterranean climate of Israel means the red wine made there is pretty unique itself, and that combined with the single malt, is simply brilliant.

Tasting notes for Milk & Honey Elements Series Red Wine Cask Finished Single Malt Israeli Whisky

Bottle cost: £51.95

The nose opens with lots of tart red fruits, deep oak wood and a lovely spice. The richness of the wine really comes through. There is a slightly herbal note throughout.

The palate is complex and gentle at the same time. Floral notes, more fruit flavours and lots of red wine abounds. The oak wood is sweet and caramelly, with hints of vanilla.

The finish is bold and lingers on red wine.

The marrying of red wine casks with the Milk & Honey single malt is a stroke of pure genius. It brings out so many different flavours that really make this stand out as a brilliant malt. Milk & Honey are certainly going to prove to be worthy competitors on the international whisky stage.

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