Midleton Very Rare 2022 The Vintage Release Irish Whiskey

The second release of the prestigious Midleton Very Rare collection by Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman, the 2022 Vintage Release is bringing the series to new heights.

The Midleton Very Rare Collection

Having started in 1984, the Midleton Very Rare range is one of Midleton most popular and sought after collections. The releases are all rare and exclusive blends, combining some of the distillery’s best whiskies. O’Gorman is the third Master Distiller to helm the collection, with Very Rare having been started by Barry Crockett and continued by Brian Nation before O’Gorman came on board.

This release is O’Gorman’s second offering for the collection and is a special expression indeed. As O’Gorman himself explains:

“As with any Midleton Very Rare Vintage, we start the search for our perfect components many months in advance, in a bid to create the luxurious, balanced aroma and taste profile for which this annual release is renowned,”

“Drawing predominantly from our historic A2 warehouse, we have selected a blend of whiskeys that work together beautifully – from superb grain whiskeys dating back to 1989 with beautiful floral and rosewater notes, to some truly wonderful pot still whiskeys from 2009 that offer a delightful fruit element with citrus.”

Tasting notes for Midleton Very Rare 2022 The Vintage Release Irish Whiskey

The nose begins with notes of sweet nutes, nutmeg and lots of fruit. Candied orange peel, dark chocolate and creamy toffee all appear. Oak wood and charcoal also come through and add a nice backdrop for the sweeter flavours.

The palate is brimming with rich cream, caramel and crisp orchard fruits. Citrus fruits, particularly oranges, are strong and go well with the sugary notes. Oak wood brings everything together with a typical Irish whiskey spice.

The finish is bold and full of fruit flavours, particularly s and oranges.

This expression is an excellently crafted addition to the Midleton Very Rare collection. It is luxurious and bursting with flavour.

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