Michael Owen and literally the worst advert ever made

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Now, I'm not sure many of you will know this but I'm a die hard Liverpool FC fan, have been all my life and used to revel in the genius of Michael Owen when he was on the pitch, and in red. But even fading memories of his legendary hat tricks could not allow me to get past just how utterly awful this whisky advert is. Maybe it is beyond that. So here is Michael Owen and literally the worst advert ever made.

In case you were wondering, my highlight is the quote:

Every time I step into the ring the spirit of a warrior courses through me

and his shhhhh at the end. If that doesn’t convince the whisky drinkers of the world to buy Spey Whisky by the caseload then what will?

I’m sure we are all able to get the Lost in Translation connotations here but at least Bill Murray was a) credible and b) did not act “with all the dynamism of a depressed scarecrow” as The Telegraph put it. 

A few other points...

A few other points…

  • Use of the word slumber
  • Always celebrating his wins with Spey Whisky? Would like a fact check there.
  • His voice is not booming enough, despite his voice coaching class he recently tweeted about – needs to be a bit more Brian Blessed
  • Its cask, not barrel
  • Really not sure he has ever had the spirit of a warrior; enthusiasm and desire to succeed yes, but spirit of a warrior?

Finally, I think it is for all of us to abide by Michael Owen’s final words, and the brand’s strapline; Keep the Secret.

I will Michael, I will. 

Here it is again in case the above does not do it for you:

[embedvideo id=”pvXvZJf2zpU” website=”youtube”]

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