Introducing Longmorn– an exquisite range of handcrafted single malt whiskies, capturing the elegance of the 19th century

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Longmorn is a boutique range of single malt whiskies, born in a time of true elegance, capturing a historic moment in time and the essence of the Victorian reign.

From its birth, Longmorn was the pinnacle of exquisite taste and the answer to Scotch enthusiasts that have a hunger for unbridled luxury.

Asuperb range of three precious whiskies, realised in the dream of pioneer, John Duff, who dedicated his life to creating single malt whisky that would be appreciated for generations and achieve cult status for their unparalleled finesse. His actions are a testament to his ambition and passion at the time, sourcing pure spring water that was initially pumped by a wheel on the burn, extending the local railway line to the distillery doors so that the finished product could be swiftly shared with admirers; and customer building specially shaped stills that gave us a superior liquid right from the very start.

John Duff’s conviction has been rewarded and his lasting legacy assured with the arrival of this highly respected range of single malts, which redefines new levels of refinement and luxury. The range consists of the treasured Longmorn Distillers Choice and the latest expressions; Longmorn 16YO and 230YO, both capturing the distinctive character and indulgent credentials of the 19th century.

To this day, those who work at Longmorn maintain the same levels of dedication, with a passionate team and the current Master Distiller, Trever Buckley, whom all work in the same distillery founded by John Duff in 1894 – on the site of an old chapel in Elgin, Moray. The team pride themselves on using the same traditional methods honed over centuries and to this their success is due, that and the harmonious convergence of patient craftsmanship.

Longmorn 16YO – The sweet, silky one

Bottle cost: £72.46

Longmorn 16 year-old is one of the latest expressionsto be introduced to the range, crafted by taking inspiration from the signature style of Longmorn’s pioneering founder. Expect an exceptionally rich and intense single malt that has been aged for a minimum of 16 years in a combination of highly prized ex-sherry, American and traditional casks.

A symphony of sweet notes, including ripe orchard fruits, hints of sweet vanilla, intermingled with luxurious silky smooth chocolate notes, giving way to an indulgent full-flavoured finish.

Longmorn 16YO can be found at Master of Malt and other specialist retailers.

Longmorn 16YO – The sweet, silky one

Bottle cost: £341.67

Longmorn 23YO is a lesson in refinement – balanced to perfection and revealing characteristics of true mastery. Time-honoured patience, experienced barrel selection and continual pursuit of excellence lies at the heart of this whisky. The pinnacle of the new Longmorn range, full of rich and profound flavours, this rare single malt has rested for more than two decades in hand-selected oak casks, especially chosen to capture the flavours of the Longmorn spirit. Celebrating the distillery’s unique character, this luxury offering provides flavour notes of ripe pear and red apples, entwined with sticky honey and vanilla fudge, contrasting with the tantalising taste of spiced ginger cake. The end result is a long and velvety smooth finish.

Longmorn 23YO can be found at Master of Malt and other specialist retailers.

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