Ledaig 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

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Nestled on the Isle of Mull we find the Tobermory Distillery. Here it has stood since 1798 by Jophn Sinclair.

It has had a wonderfully diverse history, having survived through two world wars as well as prohibition, when it stopped functioning for 41 years.

It was taken over by Burns Stewart Distillers in the 1990s, and since then has been flourishing.

Two different brands are produced at the distillery, including Tobermory and Ledaig.

Tobermory has a lighter body and is completely unpeated, whereas Ledaig is their heavier, smokier Whisky that really packs a punch.

Although not as strong as many peated malts out there, Ledaig is full of flavour and is a top quality malt.

Their 18 Year Old is the perfect example of how good this stuff can be.

Bottle cost: £80.95

With this dram, the distillery have tried to capture the malt as it would have been all those years ago when Tobermory was first opened.

It is a homage to days gone by, an attempt at recreating the malt that made the distillery successful in the first place.

They have captured the perfect island malt, with lots of seaside tones and a light body. There is a waft of smoke throughout with a healthy dose of fruit thrown in for good measure.

The nose opens with well-rounded notes of sherry and dried fruit. There is a tang and zest here that really piques interest early.

The seaside tones come in here too, with lots of seaweed, damp wood and oil. These are rich and smooth, with lots of flavour and a slightly earthy quality to them.

The smoke is also detectable on the nose, playing harmoniously in the background of the other flavours.

The palate is rich and full of fruit. There are dates, raisins and oranges, all with a nice chewy texture to them.

They are doused in sherry and cinnamon, which gives a delicate spice and a hint of warmth to the overall dram.

There is also a peppery spice that comes from the oak wood and ties in well with the cinnamon. It bolsters the fruits flavours and gives them a lovely depth.

The smoke is present here as well, with a lovely whiff of phenols and peat. It is satisfying and thick, with lots of complexity to it.

The finish is strong, with lots of smoke and seaside notes. Tobacco and brine appear and mix well together, with a lovely spicy end.

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