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Laphroaig, the No.1 selling Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, has launched “A First for Friends” – a new installment of its #OpinionsWelcome™ campaign.

“A First for Friends” celebrates friendship and an important, memorable first in life – your first sip of Laphroaig® – by encouraging the banter between old friends with starkly differing opinions. Watch along as five real-life pairs of friends try Laphroaig® for the very first time and share their 100% unscripted, authentic, (sometimes brutal) honest opinions of the unique and famously polarizing whisky. Will Laphroaig® become a friend for life, or a foe to be avoided? As always, #OpinionsWelcome™. Check out Laphroaig®’s “A First for Friends” video here:

#OpinionsWelcome™ is a campaign that embraces the rich and peaty taste of Laphroaig® and champions the offbeat, peculiar and individual way the Single Malt whisky is described and revered by those who love it…or not. The award-winning #OpinionsWelcome™ campaign invites whisky fans all over the world to express their feelings for Laphroaig® via our website, www.laphroaig.com/opinions and across social media using the hashtag #OpinionsWelcome™. We have put your opinions in our ads, projected them live onto the iconic wall of our Islay distillery, Warehouse No.1, and now we are asking you to enjoy your first sip with your friends.

Judith Giegerich, International Marketing Manager Malts for Beam Suntory, said: “Laphroaig® is dividing opinions, but whether you love or hate it, everyone remembers the first time they tried Laphroaig®. Our new campaign – which continues to be completely unscripted – showcases genuine friends trying Laphroaig for the first time and proves that ’we don’t make friends easily but when we do they are for life.’ The new videos celebrate the open, honest, and creative ways people describe our whisky.”

Visit www.laphroaig.com/opinions to find out more.

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