Johnnie Blonde, a brighter, sweeter whisky, to be launched in select pilot cities

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Today, Johnnie Walker have announced their plans to launch a new whisky, Johnnie Blonde, in a small number of pilot cities around the world: Monterey (Mexico), Curitiba (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Houston (USA) as well as with a number of partners throughout Germany.

Made using bright wheat and fruity malt whiskies, Johnnie Blonde has been designed to appeal to current and new whisky drinkers alike. 

The way drinks are being enjoyed around the world is evolving. Increasingly, people are socialising earlier in the evening, in more casual, relaxed spaces. More often than not, it’s over a couple of long drinks sipped slowly.  

Johnnie Blonde is made for this occasion, as the perfect base for long serves. It is the culmination of a new way of thinking about crafting Scotch – a whisky made for mixing.

This exciting new whisky is full of bright, vibrant flavour, bursting into life when mixed with white lemonade for a refreshing-tasting long drink.

Johnnie Blonde has already won an International Spirits Challenge Gold Medal before being made available in pilot markets. Bright wheat whiskies have been matured in sweet American oak to add toffee and caramel, before being brought together with fresh, fruit flavours from the breadth of Scotland. 

The result is a Scotch with all the depth of flavour that whisky fans would expect, but with sweeter, smoother flavours that work perfectly when mixed with lemonade, cola or ginger. 

Michael Ward, Head of Innovation at Diageo says, “Johnnie Walker has always been built on progress, on a desire to constantly push boundaries and explore new flavours, experiences and serves. Johnnie Blonde is borne out of that same philosophy”. 

Johnnie Blonde will be available in select pilot cities from March, at an RRSP of $24.99.

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