Jameson 18 Year Old Limited Reserve Blended Irish Whiskey

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One of the best loved Whiskies from Ireland, Jameson has been creating great drams for centuries. The 18 Year Old Limited Reserve is an especially notable.

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Jameson is pretty much a household name at this point. They have been creating some of Ireland’s best malt since 1780, when they were founded by John Jameson, who actually came from Scotland.

Since then they have thrived and managed to make it through some dark times for Irish Whiskey. At one point, the malt made in Ireland was the best in the world, and a huge competitor for Scotch. It even overtook sale of Scotch and became the most popular in Scotland.

But the success was not forever, and the country was going through some hard times themselves, including the Irish famine. They also refused to implement a lot of modern distilling methods, including the introduction of the Coffey still. Blends in Scotland were really starting to take off and becoming far more popular than single malt.

Then came the First World War, Prohibition and the Great Depression, culminating in an axe swing to the Irish Whiskey market. Most of the dsitlleries in the country closed, except for Bushmills in the North, Powers and of course, Jameson.

Jameson thrived and became the biggest selling Irish malt in the world. And for good reason.

Bottle cost: £150

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A solid blend from Jameson that has been carefully maturing for 18 years inside oak casks and finished in first fill Bourbon casks.

The nose begins with notes of oak wood and caramel. Fudge, butterscotch and cinder toffee give it s nice sweetness. This is complemented by apricots and peaches, which add a lovely, subtle fruity flavour.

The palate is rich and refined, with mahogany wood, book leather and tobacco. Apples and pears add a nice refreshing note and go along well with the fruit on the nose more toffee, fudge and oak wood makes for a well rounded body. It is incredibly smooth, with hints of caramel and honey.

The finish is long and lingers on oak wood and butterscotch.

This is an excellent blend from Jameson, who continue to prove why they are the most popular Irish whiskey brand out there.

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