My Own One of One Infinity Bottle of Scotch Whisky, and How to Start Yours

let’s begin

"Infinity bottle of Scotch Whisky? What the hell is that?” I hear you ask, and I’m glad you did as it is a concept discussed by the legend that is Ralfy on his fantastic YouTube whisky channel in 2012 titled “Your Solera Bottle”. 

Essentially the idea is pretty simple; take an empty bottle and put in the last few drops of bottles of whisky you finish over the years to create your own blend to serve to friends, colleagues, family, whoever as your own whisky, topping up with subsequent drops of future bottles to keep the blend evolving and the flavours weaving together.

I was reading a great article on Punch Drink as I was having my beard reshaped the other day (yes beard reshaping is a ‘thing’), and they had a big feature on how to do it and what it is when I realised that I had been doing it for a while without realising creating your own infinity bottle of Scotch whisky was a ‘thing’ practiced all over the world.

Last year I was ‘making space’ in one of my cupboards of whisky before a pending house-move so decided to put a load of unfinished Irish whiskey samples and bottle-ends into a new 700ml bell bottle I had lying around from a consulting project to see what happened when they married together, you can see a swift video of the experiment here.

I’m yet to revisit the resulting whiskey in truth as it was promptly packed away after filming ahead of the aforementioned move and all my amber nectar is still in boxes until next week when my office will be finished and they can be unpacked, but I cannot wait, and am sure the additional time will allow the marriage of flavours just a little bit more. Or it could be awful. We shall see.

Now I’m all settled into the new house, the bottles are being gradually unboxed and I find more bottles that have levels far too low to justify their space on my lovely new shelves, I’m starting a new take on an infinity bottle; The Living Infinity (Mini) Barrel.


The Living Infinity Barrel? Yes!

This is a pretty potent four litre barrel of fresh Canadian oak, from a Canadian distillery with the same name as myself, Dillon’s Distillery that has only ever held new make spirit they sent over from the distillery, and one barrel aged Old Fashioned, and then another batch of new male to neutralise the cask’s flavour notes again.

This post will be updated to note what is going into the cask both for you to see what components are going in, but also for me to remember my dearly departed drams. They will go in to the cask in batches, to make it easier to sample, add and adjust.

In tandem, to this, I will be putting a smaller measure of each into a fresh litre bottle so I can see and understand the effect of the fresh Canadian wood through The Infinity Bottle of Scotch Whisky.

But I also want to hear from you about your experiments:

Have you done your own Infinity Bottle of Scotch Whisky?

How did it turn out?

What would you do differently?

Did you share it with anyone?

Is it still live?

First in, on the 25th January 2017, is:

  • The Glenlivet Cipher
  • Longrow C. V.
  • Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old
  • Glen Moray Port Cask Finish
  • Talisker 57• North
  • A dash of new make
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    • I have been pouring and measuring but towards the end of bottles I will need to free pour occasionally if not enough liquid to warrant a measure; ultimately its up to you how you do it, but I’m trying to keep it all measured thus far…


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