In pictures: The GreatDrams Irish Whiskey Extravaganza

let’s begin

Another sold out GreatDrams whiskey tasting, this time all the whiskies hailed from Ireland, arguably the founding nation of whiskey... but don't tell the Scots I said that.

Feedback has been brilliant, everyone seemed to have a great time and I’m already looking forward to the next GreatDrams whisky tasting… look out on the site too and if you’re interested in booking a private whisky tasting click here: Book a whisky tasting.

Just some of the feedback received

“What a fantastic night. Greg was a fabulous host, and it’s clear that he’s really knowledgeable about whisk(e)y and has a great passion for it. Not only did you get to try a range of whisk(e)y’s that you probably would never try, I really appreciated the history and facts that accompanied the tasting. Would highly recommend the event as an alternative night out with friends or as a gift.” – Sarah

“This Irish Whiskey tasting event was a real treat for St Patrick’s Day. You really couldn’t have wished for a better host than Greg – friendly, insightful, warm and welcoming. I have to admit I was a little worried knowing so little about Irish whiskey but he soon put me at ease, explaining that there are no right or wrong answers – the key is just to relax and enjoy it – which I certainly did once the tasting began. It was fascinating to hear the stories and heritage behind each of the bottles Greg had selected, and indeed the distilleries from which they came. Can’t wait for the next event now!” – Graham

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My name is Greg, and I’m a brand strategy consultant, writer, speaker, host and judge specialising in premium spirits. My mission is to experience, share and inspire with everything great about whisky, whiskey, gin, beer and fine dining through my writing, my brand building and my whisky tastings.

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