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Our whiskies are split into three series, all are created to be enjoyed neat, with water or  mixed into cocktails - whichever you prefer!

Rare Cask Series

Bottle cost: £75.00

These whiskies are the rarest from what we release; either very old or finished in secondary casks to enhance certain flavour profiles, they are truly unique and never blended. 


Best enjoyed neat or with 10% water being added

SINGLE Cask Series

Bottle cost: £65.00

These whiskies are all single casks – bottled from one barrel and never blended, leading to very small bottle numbers when they are released. 

If mixing, we recommend Ginger Ale 

If mixing in a cocktail, we recommend creating an Old Fashioned
1. First off you need to chill the glass, then add a small amount of brown sugar in the glass
2. Add about 10ml of whisky, and about five drops of bitters to spice it up a bit
3. Now you need to stir nice and slowly and all the while using the flat end of the bar spoon to crush the sugar down, this effectively creates sugar syrup and as it mixes with the whisky and the bitters it creates a more aromatic flavour profile that does not taste too sweet
4. Finally, add 50ml more of one of our Single Cask Range whisky
5. Now shave an orange, and use the peel to rub the zest around the rim of the glass, throw it into the glass, raise the glass to your lips and enjoy!

BLENDED Cask Series

Bottle cost: £55.00

These blends, created by our Whisky Director and Founder, Greg Dillon, are all based around seasonality and the differing flavour preferences whisky drinkers have at different times of the year, creating or complimenting those flavours with our blend recipes to create very special and celebrated blended Scotch whiskies. 

If mixing, we recommend Soda

If mixing in a long drink, we recommend creating a GreatDrams Highball, based on the theory of mizuwari
1. Take a tall glass and fill with ice – preferably large chunks of ice
2. Now pour 50ml of one of our Blended Cask Series
3. Stir the whisky gently, but with rhythm so that it chills right down with the ice – I would suggest doing this for around thirty to forty-five seconds at a minimum to get it to the right temperature and viscosity
4. Gently pour 150ml of chilled soda water into the glass, stirring as you do
5. The ice will have diluted slightly, leaving room for more ice to be added to the glass so do so so that the glass is filled with ice – this will further stop dilution taking place too quickly
6. Continue to stir for about thirty seconds and that’s how you make the perfect Highball

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