Gold Medal Winning Indiana Rye 4 Year Old American Whiskey Review

Whiskey is an incredibly popular drink all over the globe. As a result of this, finding nice whiskies in shops and online is never difficult. For true whiskey lovers however, sometimes a “nice” whiskey is not enough, sometimes only a perfect whiskey will do, and that’s where things become challenging.

Thankfully, we have places such as who have an exceptional array of amazing whiskies to choose from, including award-winning tipples such as their Gold Medal Winning Indiana Rye 4 Year Old American Whiskey.

This is a whiskey that has been generating a lot of buzz online and in the whiskey/whisky communities, and for very good reason. But what makes it worthy of such an award? Read on to find out.

Going for Gold

Great Drams are no strangers to premium whiskies. Just one look at the site tells you all you need to know about the quality of the whiskies on offer. Best of all is the fact that they have something for everybody. They have Scotch whisky, single malts, blended whisky, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and much more besides. Not only do they have whiskies to suit all palates, they also have whiskies to suit all budgets.

For those of you in need of a special whiskey, be it for a celebration, a gift, or just because you want to treat yourself, this gold medal winning American rye is something really special and is the real deal.

Great Drams were unsure when to release this whiskey, yet after the drink was awarded a gold medal at the London Spirits Competition back in 2022, they decided that now was the right time.

Indiana Rye 4 Year Old American Whiskey

To be awarded such a prestigious award is quite the achievement, yet if you taste this amazing tipple for yourself, you’ll understand exactly why it won.

This single cask Indiana rye whiskey spent 4 years of its life resting in virgin American oak casks. This gave the whiskey amazing body and character and a stunning natural burnt cinder toffee coloured hue.

There were just 193 bottles of this beverage released, which makes it all the more special. Bottled at an ABV of 50.2%, it’s aromatic, spicy, fierce, yet deceptively rich and sweet. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used to make the most amazing cocktails you could ever imagine (seriously, if you enjoy a Manhattan, you NEED this rye whiskey in your life!)

Tasting notes

On the nose, you get the spices and aromatics right away. You get cinnamon, tarragon, and a hint of peppermint leaves with buttery, rich, caramelised toffee undertones with a whisper of oak smoke.

On the palate, cinnamon is the star of the show, as it is recognisable right away, closely followed by cloves, Madagascan vanilla, charred oak, black peppercorns, and scorched orange peel.

The finish is long and smooth, with warm winter baking spices and yet more oak. You definitely get that warming sensation in your throat, without being overpowered by the burn of the alcohol.

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