Early Screening of Whisky Galore Brought to Life by Lost Whisky Legends

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The Lost Distillery Company (TLDC) has teamed up with The Birmingham Whisky Club to present an exclusive ‘taste-along’ screening of the remake of ‘Whisky Galore!’ ahead of its official launch.

Held at the UK’s oldest working cinema, The Electric Cinema, the evening will be one of the first public screenings of the film brought to life by TLDC’s lost whisky legends.

The remake of the 1949 film, ‘Whisky Galore!’, is an adaptation of the book by Compton MacKenzie, and is inspired by the sinking of the cargo ship SS Politician off Eriskay in 1941. The film, which premiered at the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival last year, features a star-studded cast including Eddie Izzard, James Cosmo, Kevin Guthrie, Ellie Kendrick and Sean Biggerstaff amongst others.

Ewan Henderson, Global Brand Ambassador for TLDC, will enhance the screening with a tasting of three whiskies from the brand’s award-winning range, served at key points during the film. Offering a modern interpretation of Peter Dawson’s historic whisky, which sank with the SS Politician, the Towiemore expression will give the audience a unique insight into how the whisky in the film would have tasted.

Over 100 Scotch whisky distilleries have permanently closed in the last century. Despite being renowned for their excellent quality malts, the distilleries largely shut down due to the effects of war and politics. TLDC brings the stories of these famed sites and their people back through handcrafted blended malt Scotch whiskies.

Scott Watson, Co-Founder of The Lost Distillery Company said: We are really excited to be working with The Birmingham Whisky Club to provide unique drams that will truly enhance the Whisky Galore! Story.

“We’re obsessive about craft and uncompromising when it comes to whisky quality. Each resurrected brand is the subject of an in-depth research project to establish the original character of the long lost distilleries and pay homage to each whisky’s heritage.”

Amy Seton, Owner of The Birmingham Whisky Club said: “We are delighted to be working with Arrow Films and The Lost Distillery Company to bring the story of ‘Whisky Galore!’ alive by giving guests the chance to learn about (and taste) the drams behind the story.

“As ever, we’re looking forward to being back at The Electric Cinema, which will provide the perfect backdrop for this unique, preview ‘taste-along’ event.”

The exclusive screening and tasting will be held on Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 7.30pm at The Electric Cinema, Birmingham. Tickets can be purchased here.  Prices start at £19.50 and include a seat for the screening and the ‘taste-along’ experience.

TLDC’s ever-expanding collection features three ranges of blended malt Scotch whiskies from mature to very old – Classic, Archivist and Vintage. These include modern day interpretations of spirits from lost distilleries such as Auchnagie, Stratheden, Towiemore, Jericho, Gerston and Lossit.

The Birmingham Whisky Club runs ‘dram-actically’ different events with whisk(e)y from all around the world for whisky lovers old and new. The event will be the club’s fourth film-based whisky tasting event.

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