Dewar’s Double Agent 16 Year Old Whisky Review

John Dewar and Sons Scotch whisky distillery. The operation was overseen by John, until eventually his two sons John and Thomas, took the reigns. By 1896, Dewar’s whisky was amongst the most people in the entire country.

The brand would become a global market leader for whisky and was the measuring stick for many other Scotch whiskies. Dewar’s whisky won multiple awards, including a gold medal at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.

The brand gained further global recognition when Thomas ‘Tommy’ Dewar penned a famous travel journal called ‘Ramble Around the Globe’ in which he travelled the world while building the Dewar brand.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Dewar’s whisky is one of the most recognised brands on the planet. Their Double Agent 16 Year Old in particular, has been turning a lot of heads and generating quite the buzz in the whisky world.

A Disruptive Dram

When Dewar’s Double Agent 16 Year Old was launched, Bacardi Global Travel Retail (GTR) said that its mission was to ‘disrupt the blended malts category with progressive innovation’.

Make no mistake about it, this is a premium whisky with a premium price tag, and the quality shines through from start to finish. This is not your typical Dewar’s whisky. That’s not to say that Dewar’s drinkers won’t enjoy it, because they surely will. It simply means that it offers something different and unique to the drams that Dewar’s drinkers may be used to.

Double aged, the whisky is split into two batches, with one finished in Jerez Sherry casks, and the other in Islay malt whisky casks. The two batches are then blended back together to find that perfect sweet and smoky harmony, before being bottled at 16 years old.

This whisky brings the perfect balance of sweet and smoky. If you enjoy your whiskies with peaty and sherry influences, you’re going to love the Double Agent 16 Year Old, there’s no doubt about it.

Tasting Notes

This whisky is a stunning amber caramel colour, and comes in at 40% ABV, making it the ultimate sipping whisky.

On the nose you get ripe cherries, toasted almonds, caramel and honey, and a touch of bonfire smoke.

On the palate, citrus fruits shine through, along with candied fruits, cloves, nutmeg, and black peppercorns. These give way to more caramel and honey flavours, finished off with a touch of Islay peat to balance everything together.

The finish is smooth and medium, offering toffee apples and orchard fruits, charred oak, honey, and roasted malt.

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