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Launched in 2015, Dekanta specialises in Japanese Whisky and has become one of the country’s biggest Whisky retailers.

They have also put together several gift packs that capture the harmony that is symbolic of Japanese brands.

Here we delve into one such gift pack and uncover the malts inside.

Made up of eight miniature bottles, the Suntory Sampler Pack, captures the essence of Japan’s biggest and perhaps best known brands.

Hibiki 12 Year

Bottle cost: £472.49

This malt has been matured for 12 years in plum liqueur barrels, giving it a wonderfully sweet note.

It is made up of malt from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries and also includes grain Whisky from Chita.

It opens with a nose of sweet citrus fruits and spicy apple pie. There is an aroma of orchard fruits, with dew covered grass and a slight hint of oak wood.

The spice is gentle and melts into the fruit flavour. Oranges and lemons really come through with a lovely tang.

The palate is full of rich sweet nuts, with more oak and oranges.

The spices are warming and bring a real depth, especially alongside the wood notes. They are reminiscent of sherried wines, with dried fruits such as raisins and apricots.

The sweetness is full of apples, pears and more oranges, with cinnamon and nutmeg covering them.

The finish is strongly wooded, with lots of vanilla and oak tones coming out.

Hibiki 17 Year

Bottle cost: £524.99

An award winning malt from Suntory, this 17 tear old is packed with flavour.

The nose brims over with hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, all wrapped up in caramel and oak wood.

Apples and pears also appear, with a lovely sweet note. These are smothered in chocolate sauce and cinnamon, with a slight whiff of smoke curling around them.

The palate is rich and sophisticated, with orchard and waxy wood notes coming out. There is a hint of pastry and apple sauce, with more caramel and cinnamon.

Dried fruits and vanilla are mixed with candied orange peels. The smoke is also more present, with a charcoal edge.

The finish is thick and smooth, with chocolate and oak.

yamazaki 12 Year

Bottle cost: £224.99

This 12 Year Old is a definitive example of the malts produced at the Yamazaki Distillery.

This is an earthy malt with lots of malted tones and a lovely rich oak flavour.

The nose is thick and mellow, with nuts and floral notes appearing. It’s almost like walking through a garden on a spring evening, with lots of wood and greenery.

The oak is sweet, with vanilla and caramel coming out. It has a slightly spicy tone, with a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The palate is full of brown sugar, plums, pineapples and apple blossom. It is well rounded and wrapped up in an oak barrel.

This dram is wonderfully warming and easy going. Lemons and limes come through and add a nice zesty tang.

It ends on lots of oak and fruit.

Hakushu 12 Year

Bottle cost: £262.49

This malt is simply excellent, with a wide diversity of flavour and broad flavour profile.

It opens with lots of grain notes, toasted malt and a warming hint of barley. Almond and pecans add a lovely sweetness, and the grains are rich and complex.

Chocolate and a little bit of coffee also come in, giving the dram a nice subtle depth.

The palate is earthy and natural, with grasses, herbs and some orchard fruits. There is an aroma of hay and dew covered wheat.

There is also a little waft of smoke, bringing back the toasted grains from the nose. These are rich with cereal flavours and a delicate note of pastry.

The finish is bold, with a little hint of citrus fruits and more smoke.

This is an excellent gift pack that showcases some of the best malts available from Suntory. It is an exploration through some of the most classic but well respected malts the brand has created.

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