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Celebrating both the art of distilling and the arts and crafts movement in the Cotswolds during the 19th century, this is a cultured single malt from one of England’s best known distilleries.

Arts and Crafts/Hearts and Crafts

As Cotswolds Distillery founder Daniel Szor recently explained in a Q&A, the name for this malt, “Hearts and Crafts” comes from a combination of the heart of the distillate from which whisky is made and the arts and crafts aesthetic movement of the 19th century, which gained a lot of popularity in the Cotswolds.

The tubes that hold the whisky are in fact decorated with a print created by William Morris, one of the most famous designers from the arts and crafts movement, who spent a lot of time living in the Cotswolds.

The malt itself has an interesting origin as well. It has been made using Pineau Des Charentes casks. Hailing from the Charentes Maritime region of France, near to Bordeaux, Pineau des Charentes is grape juice that has been blended with Cognac and then aged in oak casks.

At a time when whisky companies are doing whatever they can to stand out in an oversaturated market, Cotswolds Distillery are doing something really unique here. Not only are they celebrating a cultural movement relative to their home, they are also maturing with casks that are extremely rare.


Bottle cost: £74.95

The malt has been matured in French red wine casks that have been seasoned with white Pineau Des Charentes.

The nose begins with big notes of peach and apricots. It is fresh and crisp, with floral notes, marzipan and caramel.

The palate is rich and smooth, with lots of citrus fruits, sweet nuts and oak wood. It is well developed and has a mellow mouth feel. Vanilla cream, caramel and marzipan also appear.

The finish is strong and slightly peppery, with final notes of marzipan and caramel.

This is a wonderful single malt from the Cotswolds Distillery. They are really doing something new here and pushing the boundaries of maturation in ways that we don’t often see.

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