Cardrona Distillery Just Hatched 3 Year Old and Growing Wings 5 Year Old Single Malt New Zealand Whisky

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Cardrona Distillery are doing New Zealand proud with their Just Hatched and Growing Wings expressions.

A place to make whisky

Cardrona are one of only a handful of whisky distilleries in the wonderful nation of New Zealand. The country has a rich history of wine making and is the perfect backdrop for some brilliant malt to be made.

The distillery, based in the stunning Cardrona Valley, was founded by Desiree Whitaker, who spent years training in the art of distilling by travelling between Scotland and America to learn all that she could. When she had enough knowledge to make her dreams come true, she started Cardrona Distillery.

Opened in 2015, the distillery has a wide core range of not only whisky, but gin, vodka and liqueurs as well. It is no surprise that they have been so productive since opening a mere 6 years ago. Much like Scotland, the extraordinary surroundings lend themselves to making great spirits.

The Just Hatched 3 Year Old and Growing Wings 5 Year Old Solera are part of Cardrona’s core range.

Tasting notes for Just Hatched 3 Year Old New Zealand Single Malt

Bottle cost: £74.95

Matured in ex-bourbon and Sherry casks, this young malt is fresh and full of flavour.

The nose beings with notes of malted grains, vanilla, cinnamon and summer fruits. It is lively and bright, with a really refreshing aroma.

The palate is smooth and mellow, with more sherry notes appearing. The cinnamon is warming and goes well with the malted grains. A slightly earthen tone comes through, with oak wood and dew covered grass.

The finish is sweet and gentle, with more sherry and oak wood.

Tasting notes for Growing Wings 5 Year Old Breckenridge Bourbon Single Malt New Zealand Whisky

Bottle cost: £74.95

An excellent addition to the range, the Breckenridge Bourbon 5 Year Old Single Malt has been matured in ex-Bourbon casks for five years.

The nose begins with notes of flaky pastry, dulce de leche and roasted pears. It is fruity and sweet, with a lovely creamy note.

The palate is soft and full of malted grains, more dessert notes and a sweet caramel. Notes of vanilla, orchard fruits and hard toffees come through. Charred oak wood gives it a lovely earthy note.

The finish is warming and sweet, with lots of oak and caramel.

Cardrona have created some really impressive malts here. For such young whiskies, these two expressions are full of flavour and show that all of Whitaker’s travelling back and forth was well worth it for the result.

What are your thoughts on Cardrona Distillery? Do you enjoy Just Hatched or Growing Wings? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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